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  • BrandNameMC9S12DG256CFUE
  • Official Home Page:Non
  • Browsing Times1270
  • Update Date:2012-08-18

The MC9S12DG256CFUE is a 16-bit MCU. The MC9S12DG256CFUE is composed of standard on-chip peripherals including a 16-bit central processing unit (HCS12 CPU), 256K bytes of Flash EEPROM, 12K bytes of RAM, 4K bytes of EEPROM, two asynchronous serial communications interfaces (SCI), three serial peripheral interfaces(SPI), an 8-channel IC/OC enhanced capture timer, two 8-channel, 10-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADC), an 8-channel pulse-widthmodulator (PWM), a digital Byte Data Link Controller (BDLC), 29 discrete digital I/O channels (Port A, Port B, Port K and Port E), 20 discrete digital I/O lines with interrupt and wakeup capability, three CAN 2.0 A, B software compatible modules (MSCAN12), and an Inter-IC Bus.


MC9S12DG256CFUE absolute maximum ratings: (1)I/O, Regulator and Analog Supply Voltage:-0.3V to 6.0V; (2)Digital Logic Supply Voltage:-0.3V to 3.0V; (3)PLL Supply Voltage:-0.3V to 3.0V; (4)Voltage difference VDDX to VDDR and VDDA:-0.3V to 0.3V; (5)Voltage difference VSSX to VSSR and VSSA:-0.3V to 0.3V; (6)Digital I/O Input Voltage:-0.3V to 6.0V; (7)Analog Reference:-0.3V to 6.0V; (8)XFC, EXTAL, XTAL inputs:-0.3V to 3.0V; (9)TEST input:-0.3V to 10.0V; (10)Instantaneous Maximum Current Single pin limit for all digital I/O pins: -25mA to +25mA; (11)Instantaneous Maximum Current Single pin limit for XFC, EXTAL, XTAL4:-25mA to +25mA; (12)Instantaneous Maximum Current Single pin limit for TEST:-0.25mA to 0mA; (13)Storage Temperature Range:-65℃ to 155℃.


MC9S12DG256CFUE features: (1)MEBI (Multiplexed External Bus Interface); (2)MMC (Module Mapping Control); (3)INT (Interrupt control); (4)BKP (Breakpoints); (5)BDM (Background Debug Mode); (6)Low current Colpitts or Pierce oscillator; (7)PLL; (8)COP watchdog; (9)Real time interrupt; (10)Clock Monitor; (11)256K Flash EEPROM; (12)4K byte EEPROM; (13)12K byte RAM; (14)Low-pass filter wake-up function; (15)Loop-back for self test operation; (16)16-bit main counter with 7-bit prescaler; (17)8 programmable input capture or output compare channels; (18)Four 8-bit or two 16-bit pulse accumulators.


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