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Yueqing Bangzhao Electric Co.,Ltd

power inverter,power phase converter,solar pump inverter,solar controller,AC-DC charger

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Yueqing Bangzhao Electric Co., Ltd. is specialized in the field of power research and development, production and service. In all varieties, high quality, excellent service is recognized by the vast number of customers, the company R & D products basically covers the best product, they represent the highest level in the world manufacturing power. The main products are: photovoltaic grid connected inverter,wind grid tied inverter, pure sine wave inverter, high frequency off grid inverter, low frequency off grid inverter,photovoltaic water pumping inverter, single-three phase converter,voltage converter, solar charger controller,photovoltaic lightning protection confluence box, PV combiner box ,controller-inverter one machine,wind-solar hybrid controller,VLF high voltage generator and so on. The company products in the fire, building, industry, new energy, civil, financial, taxation, power medical, aviation, military industry, automation control system, the constru... [More Details]

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