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Carbon fibre telescopic pole, carbon fiber tube

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Carbon fiber products are with high specific strength, good x-rays penetration, and good bio-compatibility, corrosion resistance, wear resistant. They are used for infrastructure construction and building materials, electronics, communication equipment, sports equipment and so on.

1, light weight, high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, high elasticity, electrical conductivity, excellent of x-ray penetration, and so on.

2, Content of carbon fiber 75%, outer diameter tolerance of plus or minus 3C, ellipticity of plus or minus 2C, length 60cm linearity in shredded up to 15C.


It is widely used in model aircraft, stationary and sports equipment, special kite, medical devices, military equipment and so on.
We can produce the carbon fiber tube according customer requirement. Please tell us the carbon fiber rods specification and usage you need, then we can make the quo... [More Details]

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