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Mananshan Jinheng International Trading Co., Ltd


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About Us
 We are professional manufacturer of galvanized steel wire for ACSR, galvanized steel wire for fishing net/cage/trap,galvanized steel wire strand,Stay wire,Guy wire,Messenger wire, Stainless steel lashing wire,logging strand and steel wire rope and slewing bearing.

Maanshan Wire & Rope Co., Ltd & Maanshan JInheng International Co., Ltd
13 Floor Software Park, Huashan Economic Developing Zone,Maanshan Anhui,China
Skype: joy2468     WECHAT: jyhk1115

Tel :     0086-555-2226927     Fax :   0086-555-2226927
Mobil:    +15855506076 (whatsapp) [More Details]

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