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Henan Lantian Medical Supplies Co., Ltd.

Medical Supplies, Medical Bed Sheet, Surgical Drpe, Surgical Gown, Surgical Pack

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About Us
Lantian Medical is a leading supplier of surgical textiles. Offering a comprehensive range of single-use bed sheets, Bed covers, Surgical drapes, Surgical gown and Surgical Packs, We serve more than 3000 government hospitals and Private hospitals in China and also develop the marketing around the world.

A Chinese Lead Manufacturer, we committed to research and Develop diverse medical material for this objective and provide a comprehensive range of standard and bespoke products to meet exacting requirements.

With more than 15 years of experience, we are able to develop products with design features that contribute towards efficient surgery, while at the same time providing high levels of comfort, safety, environmental protection(Biodegradable) according to our customer's priorities. [More Details]

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