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Qingdao Sanzhuji Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Sand processing equipment production line, Resin sand processing production line, Clay sand processing production line, Film-coated sand processing production line, Environmental protection dust removal equipment, Surface cleaning equipment

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Since its establishment, Qingdao Sanzhuji Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. has been committed to the design, development and manufacture of sand processing equipment, resin sand production line, clay sand production line, molding line and other casting machinery. Qingdao Sanzhuji Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is one of the production bases of shot blasting machine with complete varieties, high technical content and large production and sales volume in China''s casting machine industry. The products sell well in China and are exported to Southeast Asia, India and other countries and regions. Professional and technical personnel are composed of senior engineers, senior technicians with rich practical experience in manufacturing and technical workers who have worked for many years.
The products of the company, such as shot blasting machine, road shot blasting machine, resin sand production line and clay sand production line, all adopt CAD simulation auxiliary design, from the whole pro... [More Details]

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