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High Low Temperature Chamber

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Product/ Service: High And Low Temperature Test Chamber 
Brand: ASLI 
Model: TH-80 
Specification: negotiable 
Unit Price: 56435.00USD/set  quote
Minimum Order: 1 set  order
Total Amount of Supply: 15 set
Delivery: deliver within 20 days after the buyer has paid
Valid until: Always Valid
Last Update: 2018-05-23
Views: 2440
Company Information
Detailed information about this product
High And Low Temperature Test Chamber

Technical parameters:
1.Temperature range : low : (A: +25 celsius degree ; B: 0 celsius degree ; C: -20 celsius degree ; D: -40 celsius degree ; E: -60 celsius degree ; F: -70 celsius degree ); temperature : 100 celsius degree (150 celsius degree )
2.chamber internal dimensions : manufactured according to customer requirements
3.Humidity : 20 percent -98 percent RH (10 percent ~ 98 percent RH); (5 percent ~ 98 percent RH for a particular selection criteria)
4.analytic precision temperature and humidity / distribution accuracy : 0.1 celsius degree ; 0.1 percent RH / about 2.0 celsius degree ; about 3.0 percent RH
5.temperature and humidity control accuracy : about 0.5 celsius degree ; about 2.5 percent R.H.
6.heating / cooling time : warming of about 4.0 celsius degree / min ; cooling of about 1.0 celsius degree / min
7.external material inside / inside and outside the box Material: SUS304 # stainless steel plate is
8.insulation material: high-temperature high -density amino acid ethyl ester foam insulation material
Model and specifications:
1.Model : TH-80 Studio Size : 40*50*40 Box Size : 120*165*115
2.Model : TH-150 Studio Size : 50*60*50 Box Size : 130*170*125
3.Model : TH-225 Studio Size : 60*75*50 Box Size : 140*185*130
4.Model : TH-408 Studio Size : 60*85*80 Box Size : 165*195*155
5.Model : TH-800 Studio Size : 100*100*80 Box Size : 185*200*175
6.Model : TH-1000 Studio Size : 100*100*100 Box Size : 190*210*185
1.High textured appearance , the body adopted an arc shape , surface matte stripes , and no reaction with flat handle, easy to operate, safe and reliable.
2.with external water supply system to facilitate the supplemental humidification buckets of water , and automatically recycled.
3.rectangular complex layers of glass view window , you can use the test product was observed in the experiments , electric windows with anti-sweat cooked device to prevent condensation of water droplets , and high brightness remain inside PL Fluorescent lighting.
4.external testing with test hole or signal lines and power lines down adjustable compartment tray. door airtight packing double isolation , the internal temperature can be effectively isolated the leak.
6.imported LCD controller display screen, can display measured values ​​and settings. Time.
7.control appliances and multi-segment programming of temperature, humidity do quickly (QUICK) or slope (SLOP) control.
8.Built-in wheels for easy moving and moving and placing a strong positioning screw position.
9.compressor cycle system uses the French " Taikang " brand , more effective removal of oil between the condenser and the capillary and a full range of environmentally friendly refrigerant used by the U.S. Lian Xing (R404).
Mechanical sheet metal structure with CNC machining , elegant design , innovative and no reaction handle , easy to operate.
2.tank liner made of imported high grade stainless steel (SUS304) mirror panels or 304B welding is made box outside the gall A3 steel spray.
3.microcomputer temperature and humidity control, accurate and reliable temperature and humidity control.
4.large observation window with bright lights to keep the box , and the use of multi-layered glass , ready to clear observation box condition.
5.limit temperature alarm system with separate temperature exceeds the limit is automatically interrupted , ensures experiments run safely without accidents.
6.Optional recorders , printers can print and scan the records set parameters of temperature and humidity curve , 4 ~ 20mA standard signal.
7.left side of the box with a 50mm diameter test holes.
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