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F-TH-225(A~F) Quickly Temperature Change Instrument

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Product/ Service: Quickly Temperature Change Instrument 
Brand: ASLI 
Model: F-TH-225(A~F) 
Specification: negotiable 
Unit Price: 45644.00USD/set  quote
Minimum Order: 1 set  order
Total Amount of Supply: 15 set
Delivery: deliver within 20 days after the buyer has paid
Valid until: Always Valid
Last Update: 2018-05-23
Views: 2665
Company Information
Detailed information about this product
F-TH-225(A~F) Quickly Temperature Change Instrument

Rapid temperature change chamber for electrical and electronic products and machine parts be cold test , rapid changes in temperature or gradient suitability test under the conditions.Particularly suitable for carrying out electrical and electronic products environmental stress screening (ESS) test.The equipment is mainly for electrical and electronic products , as well as its original components, and other materials stored at high temperature , low temperature rapid change of environment, transport , use of adaptive testing in .

1.a new perfect arc design, textured appearance of a high standard , beautiful, and no reaction with flat handle, easy to operate.
2.imported multi-functional , strong expansion of dedicated temperature controller , simple operation, easy to learn , reliable control of low temperature and cryogenic double test available .
3.excellent uniformity and reliable air circulation system
4. the top of the long axis of the motor is mounted vertically, to prevent long-term continuous operation caused by the spindle motor eccentric .
5. imports combined horizontal and vertical centrifugal fan angle adjustable double louvers forced air circulation designed to avoid the airflow inside corner, inside every corner to ensure uniformity of temperature and humidity more consistent .
Product Features :
1.Scalable : LN2V rapid cooling in liquid nitrogen control device , LHC humidity sensors and renewable dehumidifier unit
2.Stress Screening temperature change rate 5 ℃ / min, 10 ℃ / min, 15 ℃ / min, 20 ℃ / min
3.The United States Sporlan 's new PWM control technology to achieve low temperature cold energy-saving operation
4.efficient humidity control 60 ℃ (40 ℃) / 10% RH performance
5.test product does not prevent condensation control conditions
6.RS232 communication interface and USB storage configuration download

Technical parameters: 



Internal Dimension WxHxD( mm)


Internal Dimension WxHxD (mm)


Indication resolution/Distribution 
Uniformity of Temperature and Humidity

0.1℃; 0.1% R.H/±2.0℃; ±3.0% R.H.

Control Accuracy of Temperature and Humidity

±0.5℃; ±2.5% R.H.

Insulation Material

Resistant to high temperature, high density, formate
 chlorine, ethyl acetum foam insulation materials 

Cooling System

Water cooled/single segment compressor

Approx. Weight(Kg)



French Tecumseh Brand, Germany Bizer Brand

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