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The Peace of Turkey with Russia Launched the Breakup of the American Allies

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2016-09-28   Source:Naruis Eileen   Browse Times:4231
Naruis Eileen 【An expert lecturer from “The Great Turning Point” Wisdom Lecture Platform】

The Peace of Turkey with Russia Launched the Breakup of the American Allies

Yesterday, the Day of Chinese Valentine (July 7, on Chinese Lunar calendar), Turkish President Erdogan started his visit to Russia. He recklessly showed affection to Russia and openly threw bombard to the U.S and its allies. He said “Turkey was deceived by European Union for 53 years…Putin is our friend”. At the same time, the American ally Philippines President sent his special envoy Ramos, the former President of Philippines, to Hong Kong, starting the ice-breaking trip with China.

2016 is doomed to be an unpeaceful year, as the American allies broke up one after another. After the UK took the lead to join in the AIIB, America’s European allies collectively broke up with the U.S and keep pace with China. Now UK took another lead in voting of breaking away from the Eurozone, which actually means the break away from the U.S. Even the U.S general election candidate Trump expected Russia to reveal America’s intelligence issue. We can see that the U.S general election full of cunning and falsehood is aggravated with both internal and external difficulties.

We observed that the American community is breaking up, as nowadays it has violated the Declaration of Independence and became the theft of European wealth and the enemy of peace.

The U.S is the theft of European wealth. European Union is deceived by the American excuse of dual democracy and is dragged to difficulties, such as economic downturn, Greek crisis, refugee crisis, terrorist attack….UN’s three foundations are hard to continue. UK took the lead to break away from the UN. Iraq war revealed that the U.S is the initiator of Mideast war.

The U.S is the initiator of Mideast war. The successful bombard by Russia on IS in Syria unveiled America’s dual faced nature of controlling the petroleum lifeline by the so called name of anti-terrorist in Mideast, which forced the U.S to restrain itself and Erdogan desperately broke away from the U.S for righteousness.

The U.S. is the director behind the scene of the terrorists. Anti-terrorist is the good excuse for the U.S. to launch war. The U.S army relies on growth of terrorist for long-term stay at various military bases in countries around the world. We can see from the indication of terrorist attack occurrence that the country which doesn’t follow the U.S. will have terrorist attack. The so called “fighting against terrorist” normally is slightly implemented at regions with American military base. We see that the Afghanistan Taliban and IS in middle east growth together with the American military bases.

The U.S. is the global pirate. The U.S. fears that the Chinese dream of rejuvenation of Chinese nation will come true and treat China as its enemy. Therefore, it wants to return to Asia-Pacific region. The U.S. dispatched aircraft carrier in the East and South China Sea; implemented cruise and spying from air; behind the scene manipulated the arbitration of South China Sea issue; agitated the threat of China in South China Sea; created discord between China and neighboring countries. But what the U.S. did is no more than a show of its pirate-like nature. The process shows that China’s comprehensive economic, diplomacy and military strength brook no violation. 

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