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Daily InfoNews on September 26, 2016

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Daily economic news from China and the world

Daily InfoNews on September 26, 2016

First, the current politics news
1, on September 25, xi jinping, sent a letter to congratulate the opening of China's 500 - meter aperture spherical radio telescope.
2, on September 24, li keqiang and Cuban President raul castro, chairman of the joint and minister of the medieval nearly 30 intergovernmental agreements between the two countries and commercial contract signing ceremony.
Second, the top blowing
3, the department of homeland: China has become the world's largest commodity producers, consumers and trading countries.
Third, policy information
4, the national development and reform commission: approval to establish "China international building materials production cooperative enterprises alliance".
5, my, state: issued by the "opinions", accelerate the faithless person subjected to execution credit monitoring, warning and punishment mechanism construction.
6, the ministry of agriculture, revise and publish the regulations of the genetically modified cotton seed production and business operation license shall come into force on October 18, 2016. 
Four, domestic finance and economics
7, 2015, China international passenger traffic and the opening of new international routes quantity growth above 30%, a record, as the world's second largest air transport system.
8, as of Sept. 25, the Shanghai and shenzhen two cities 1124 listed companies announced third quarter earnings forecast, 744 companies beforehand.
9, September 22, China's national gene bank operating in shenzhen, store a variety of 10 million samples of biological resources.
10, Sept. 25, found nearly 19 million tons of reserves of super large lead-zinc mine in xinjiang.
11, September 25 solstice December 30, agriculture will be carried out in poyang lake dongting lake clean-up "without issue network" and illegal fishing joint law enforcement action.
12, September 26, the central bank open market to carry out the 14 day period 120 billion yuan, 28 days, 10 billion yuan reverse repurchase operation.
13, it is understood that: local bond exchange the end of next year, the government debt will be accountability.
Five, the international finance
14, as of late August, the clearing bank for yuan nearly 70 financial institutions to open renminbi accounts, settlement amount breakthrough 10 trillion yuan.
15, October 1, the yuan will be officially joined the international monetary fund (IMF) Special Drawing Rights (SDRS) currency basket.
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