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Daily InfoNews on September 24, 2016

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Daily economic news from China and the world

Daily InfoNews on September 24, 2016

First, the current politics news
1, September 23, xi jinping, visit the "heroic epic immortal monument - mark the 80th anniversary of the Chinese red army long march theme exhibition".
2, on September 23, li keqiang, and Canadian prime minister trudeau jointly attended the sixth china-canada economic and trade cooperation BBS and delivered a speech.
3, September 23, li keqiang, overseas Chinese in Montreal, Canada to attend Canada welcome banquet hosted and delivered a speech.
Second, the top blowing
4, the national development and reform commission, has launched the coal level of response mechanism, to increase the scale of production capacity of 500000 tons.
Third, policy information
5, the highest of three departments: jointly issued "on the extraction and examination for the criminal cases handled by collecting judgment provisions on some issues of electronic data, weibo friends evidence can also be launched.
Four, economic data
1 - August 6,, our country and the area along the "countries and regions along the cross-border RMB 860 billion actual receipt and payment.
Five, the domestic business
In July and September 23, 12 companies IPO approval issued by the securities regulatory commission is expected to total funds raised no more than 15.5 billion yuan.
Sixth, international finance and economics
8, recently, the national bank of Canada were allowed in China's inter-bank bond market issuance shall not exceed 5 billion yuan of RMB bonds.
9, September 23, the central bank's decision to authorize the industrial and commercial bank of China (Moscow) co., LTD. As the clearing bank for RMB business in Russia.
10, on September 23, the g20 anti-corruption pursuit recover stolen money or goods research center set up in Beijing.
Seven, foreign trade information
September 11, 12, Canada on China's industrial steel members launched anti-dumping countervailing investigation.
12, September 21, Canada announced large diameter steel tube anti-dumping countervailing investigation to China final results.
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