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Daily InfoNews on September 22, 2016

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Daily economic news from China and the world


Daily InfoNews on September 22, 2016

1, September 21, li arrived in Ottawa on an official visit to Canada.
2, on September 21st, li keqiang, attend the 71th session of the UN general assembly general debate and published titled "building peace and stability in the sustainable development of the world hand in hand" the important speech.
3, September 21, li keqiang, for the national implementation of the "double random a public" regulatory work picturephone meeting important instructions.
Second, the policy information
: 4 and the state council approved the principle agreed to the sanya city master plan (2011-2020).
5, grain bureau and so on six departments: jointly issued the notice, request earnestly northeast corn acquisition work this year.
6, the national development and reform commission: the approval of the China railway corporation in installment issuance of China's railway construction bonds, 300 billion yuan.
7, the national development and reform commission and other five departments: jointly issued by the "implementation opinion", supporting the old industrial cities and industry transformation of resources city to upgrade.
8, the national development and reform commission: printed and distributed to the paid use and the right of use can trading pilot program ", in 2017 in zhejiang, fujian, henan, sichuan run pilot.
9, the national tourism administration, issued the "rule of law government construction (2015-2020) > to the implementation of the program implementation plan, clear 44 task measures.
10, the ministry of culture: issued by the "opinions", promote the cultural entertainment industry transformation and upgrading, encourage rich entertainment operation forms, the development of chain operation.
Third, economic data
11, July 1 - China's services imports and exports totaled 3.01296 trillion yuan, up 24.6% from a year earlier, for 7 months in a row to achieve double-digit growth.
August 12,, our country foreign trade export and import growth of 5.9% and 5.9% respectively, the first 22 months "double up", continue to improve foreign investment environment.
Four, domestic finance and economics
13, since the end of December 2015, the major domestic commodity prices continue to rise, most varieties of price is almost back to the level of the second half of 2014.
14, this year, China's foreign trade enterprises is expected to be available in any of the country to carry out inspection, customs clearance, etc.
September 15, 21, Shanghai cooperation organization (sco) food security cooperation seminar held in urumqi.
16, on September 22, the central bank open market to carry out the seven-day reverse repurchase 120 billion yuan, 28 days, 60 billion yuan.
Five, the international finance
September 17, 21, the central bank's decision to authorize the bank of China New York branch as the clearing bank for RMB business in the United States.
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