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"Internet + e-government service", improve the function of the hearts and minds perception

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2016-09-29   Author:Naruis Eileen   Browse Times:4521
Naruis Eileen 【An expert lecturer from “The Great Turning Point” Wisdom Lecture Platform】

"Internet + e-government service", improve the function of the hearts and minds perception

On September 14, prime minister li keqiang chaired a state council executive meeting, the deployment of accelerating "Internet + e-government service", to deepen the reform of the government's own enterprise for the convenience of greater interest.In the two sessions this year, prime minister, has been put forward in the government work report "Internet + e-government service" concept.Forward in April, state development and reform commission and other departments "push" Internet + e-government service "to carry out information huimin pilot implementation of the plan.Recently to deploy again, it serves to show the determination of the party central committee for the people service."Internet + e-government service", to improve the function of the government and perception, and optimization of government service quality.
A, make government affairs service into the information age.Today, the information level has become the measure of a country comprehensive national strength and competitiveness.Push forward the "Internet + government affairs", is an important reform of the government.This year the state of government websites across the country for normalized "quarterly check-up.According to the national second released in July, according to the results of spot check in the spot check of 746 websites, unqualified website has 112.It is understood that since this year, a total of 6718 government website shut up.These data reflect the government affairs service have not really into the information age.Investigate its reason is consciousness didn't keep up with, not aware of the importance of informationization.Some seemingly open government services online, but I did not accept, deal with and feedback online work, more do not do, all online on "should be".In the face of the Internet era, government affairs work should keep pace with The Times, fully make good use of network platform, and the masses to bring more benefits to the enterprise.
Second, let "Internet + e-government service" grounding gas.Online government affairs is convenient, through information technology and system innovation, more efficient services to the masses, more ground.Don't care about them, if only speak form does not pay attention to public opinion, that's just ACTS increase administrative costs, also reduce the government's credibility.18, the People's Daily group into a hollow part of the online government affairs, to cope with checks.In this paper, for example: my friend's house to have two children, consulting community service personnel, reply now launched a "Internet + community service platform, as long as to join WeChat group, hu kou book, such as identity CARDS, marriage certificate photos uploaded, can deal with birth service card.After friends do, but not below, WeChat ask didn't respond.Helpless, he can only go to community window to handle the registration center, less than 15 minutes to get the card.How to, from the application form to improve the government service consciousness is the key.A real service for the people, get masses thumb up naturally.It is reported, launched 10 months, chengdu to the district government "e-government" online approval 1348 transferred to service."E-government" since the opening is well received by business people.Citizens can through the network, consultation, booking appointment, to disclose the information, as well as convenient and quick.Qilu evening news on September 21st, on September 14, shaanxi fuping, deputy head of David led to Beijing visit China association of poverty alleviation and development key information poverty alleviation projects "farmers do not out of the village".Zhang county, said this project conforms to the current rural development trend of the modernization, the government information office.Vigorously promote "Internet + government affairs" around is to perceive the masses demand more efficiently, enhance the quality of government services.
Three, "Internet + government affairs" and the people accordingly."Now many government web site, the frequency of updates are not timely, receives people's information is not enough, this way of work must be change!"Premier li emphasized.In the rapid development of Internet, the Internet has become people to understand the main channel of information."Internet +" is not just a technology, equipment, but through the network platform to improve the perception people expect, in response to social concern, the needs of the public service ability.As the government administrative management and staff, if you don't change idea, service consciousness does not reach the designated position, to advanced technology and equipment are just decoration.Only for the people, conscientiously do a good job in service and timely response to the appeal, and the crowd always echo can be acceptable.Learned parts has been in effect., guangzhou daily reported in guangzhou city, district government affairs most can "online", 64.33% online process to deal with all issues can be appropriately.Ministry committee response to this city, the future is expected to realize for the first time to handle the submit paper material, don't need in the future.In the future in the process of deepening the reform of government affairs, give full play to the role of the network platform, make information more run road, let people less running errands, to make the online government service ability to match with the demand.
Online affairs is not only the government services online, but by "Internet + government" to promote change in administrative work, really popular perception, people-based.The party central committee plans to be completed by the end of 2020, covering the whole country, a network of "Internet + e-government service" system.This will be the overall improving the quality of public services, improve the people's satisfaction.
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