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The eu can future roadmap save the eu?

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2016-09-20   Author:Naruis Eileen   Browse Times:4424
Naruis Eileen 【An expert lecturer from “The Great Turning Point” Wisdom Lecture Platform】

The eu can future roadmap save the eu?

    In the slow recovery of the global economy today, the EU also escape the deep economic crisis. Not only that, in recent years, the financial crisis, terrorist attacks, refugee crisis has plagued the EU, so that the integration of the three pillars of the European Union is facing a test.

In September 16th, the European Union and 27 members in the Slovakia capital Bratislava held informal EU summit, formulate future roadmap, hoping to deepen the alliance in defense, immigration, terrorism, economy etc.. So, this kind of hope in the future alliance can save the European Union's three cornerstone? We have to go through the deep layers.

, a cornerstone of the EU's three largest background. After World War II the status of Europe in the world is not as good as before, the European countries in order to self-improvement, began to move towards integration of the road, the European Union, the organization also came into being. The European Union claims that countries should weaken the sovereignty and make common rules to manage the world. The European Union hopes that all countries can achieve unity in politics, economy and military affairs, which is easy to manage, to eliminate the barriers between countries, improve the people's living standard, and strengthen the influence in the world. So a single currency market, the Schengen agreement, a unified currency - the euro became the three cornerstone of the EU, the EU tried to consolidate the sovereignty of the leaders.

Facing two, EU institutional challenges and crises. As a comprehensive international organization, the European Union has repeatedly pursued to enhance its influence in the world, but forget the members of these systems in the number of members of the system because of the constraints and damage to the interests of individuals. Europeans born in pursuit of freedom, in a common organization, and no one among members of the European union. In the European Union, France, Germany plays a very important role, and some other Eastern European countries, the slow pace of economic development, the social security is weak, lack of coordination within the EU Member States, resulting in differences, with continuous fermentation of the crisis, the EU can not reach a consensus, the internal contradictions of society economy became more and more deep, so never to realize lasting harmony and stability. In recent years, the EU has been out of the quagmire of the slow recovery of the economy, although a unified currency, the euro, but the EU has no strict discipline of financial management, once a country there is a problem, that is huoshaolianying, The whole army was wiped out. Greece's sovereign debt crisis is a good example of the impact of the EU's single currency system, the EU has become a heavy economic burden.

EU Schengen agreement is that Europe is now facing the biggest problem of refugees since World War ii. In the face of surging wave of refugees, fight the enemy separately between the EU member states within the EU's attitude to exacerbate differences. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other countries a large influx of refugees into Europe, so that the European community, the economy overwhelmed. At the same time, it makes Europe a crime and a breeding ground for terrorists.

The origin and essence of three, the EU crisis. The root cause of the crisis in the EU is that the EU has been following the footsteps of the United states. After the Second World War, the EU wants to rely on the United States to have a stronger influence, so everywhere to follow the United States, to listen from his. Most of the EU member states joined NATO, and the United States formed a military alliance, want to rely on the strength of the United States to seek protection. But decades of facts show that the United States is not reliable. Europeans and Americans are born free, cunning, always calculating others, so the Europeans trusted brother did not bring him what interests, instead of a European wealth of thieves. The United States for their own interests in the Middle East affairs, pull the EU as a scapegoat, after to benefit but acknowledge, the EU caused heavy casualties, a large number of military spending increase the eu. The UK is clearly understood, in the following July issued by the "survey report" after the Iraq war, in September 14th, the British Parliament also issued a report called the chaos in Libya is Cameron in 2011 on the basis of incorrect information decision for military intervention in Britain is already visible on their own, to follow the United States in the Middle East and North Africa and a series of the aftermath of the war reflection.

European Commission disclosed in September 12th, European Commission President Juncker has decided its "predecessor" Barroso employed by a US investment bank investigation. This is not surprising, the United States can never really take the EU as a boy, in order to realize the control of Europe, the implementation of European 20 years of stealing wealth. But the reason why the theft of the success of the theft is certainly less than the internal of the EU, with a thief in order to pick out the thief. 20 years of the fact that many members of the European Union to see the defects of this organization, the United Kingdom is a good example of a return to europe. Britain is already with its strong economic ability to have today's development, at the beginning thought to join the European Union to get more development, but 20 years of time to prove that it is wrong. Joining the European Union, the United Kingdom's interests at best, but also with other members of the internal economic exchanges more convenient. But in contrast to the interests of the EU, the EU's own development potential of the defects of the system by the constraints of the system, the loss of interest is far greater than the benefits of joining. Therefore, in the long run, many countries are not suitable for such an organization. After the success of the British off Europe, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Italy and other countries also have the intention to take off Europe, the European Union is facing the crisis of disintegration.

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