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Investors appropriate management in itself

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2016-09-05   Author:Naruis Eileen   Browse Times:4767
Naruis Eileen 【An expert lecturer from “The Great Turning Point” Wisdom Lecture Platform】

Investors appropriate management in itself

Investment, is no longer synonymous with luxury, it spoke with southern spring breeze, already walk into homes, not even out of school XueShengWa also jumped into the sea choke saliva, to swim a swim.But of the big waves and into the abyss and squealed tend to be ordinary investors.To this end, the securities and futures commission recently launched aimed at protecting measures for the management of appropriateness of ordinary investors, soliciting comments from the public, caused wide attention.

As circuit breakers, any a policy intentions are good, but the actual execution, the double-edged sword can really hurt, or ordinary investors more often.So, after fusing of experience, we are of vital interests "soliciting opinions", can want to open your eyes oh, don't jump to express just to the right of "brick house".

First, the "method" is worthy of praise.Its biggest innovation from the Angle of the securities regulatory detailed the fulfillment of the securities and futures management agency requirements, such as securities institutions are emphasized in the obligation of "big four", namely the appropriateness evaluation, risk disclosure obligations, internal management, the average investor protection obligations, lists the institutions and the relevant responsible persons of "negative list" and the corresponding penalties...All of these are strictly strengthen securities agencies, the listed company and securities related to investors "gatekeeper" have fair protection responsibilities and obligations.

In fact, since this year, with the deepening and strengthening for a line of stock exchange, as in the evaluation of media recently, "639 new trends of regulatory functions exposure (CSRC) regulation", accumulative total of 121 cases to make administrative punishments, 18 people were off-limits.Recently, the shi-yu liu voices in Shanghai, emphasizing the tightly regulated.He warned that the securities business institutions or forget the beginner's mind, and keep the duty of a good intermediary institutions, shouldering the responsibility of the janitor, jointly promote the healthy development of the industry.

An industry healthy development of the environment is very important, of course, is the soil to produce good seedling, without a healthy capital market, can't produce a large number of real capitalists.But education is the two sides, appropriate measures for the administration, to protect fair trade, of course, at the same time, also to the investors themselves a appropriateness management education.

An investor, his management appropriateness is in itself.Why is that?

We have an investor protection for their best, is to control our own greed.All the temptation, all the unfair, you are not greedy, the emperor of Lao tze also can't get you.You say metaphor, investment on conventional a profit-taking and stop principle, few people can really do you?If you can do it, not on the securities and futures market, you will not have major investments, is to bombard the sky telecom Fried, illegal pyramid schemes, including information collection, you can't rise to the bait.I once told a want to participate in the pyramid, "the old man said, you have been cheated 7.8 million, continue to gehenna jump?You don't want to think, if it is really so high profit margins, so good things happen to you ah, that Mr Ma, wang jianlin, the listed company to do it, because they have plenty of money.She is a racket head, oh, yeah!She said his wife, nine cows also pull don't come back her ah, or you to bang her a word.

Investors, therefore, appropriate management also reflect "the seller is responsible for" and "emptor" dual value rules.We an investor a priority is to manage their own greed, just like we learned President repeatedly told Obama, to effectively control yourself.Any of our investors to effectively control their greed, strictly hold a profit-taking and stop-loss appropriate rules.

At the same time, we have to train our concentration.Any big waves are investors concentration test for us, is virtue of shuffling to us.Our contemporary entrepreneurs, like lost patience accumulate wealth concentration, like the pursuit of rich, so, just can appear collusion, star business joint deformity development mode, the wealth of fracture and erosion frequency, we are also obvious.In recent years, from the listed company to private and retail, it deviates from the value of the phenomenon is very outstanding in the investment, entrepreneur, false, financiers, investors are not real and unreal by magic, with bitterness beg, causing huge investment gravely deviates from the real economy of the whole, speculative money "savage growth" chaos.

Only in the whole society to establish the principle of the supremacy of value, to promote the healthy development of capital market, can really foster the healthy development of the real economy.So, when the SFC issued appropriate measures for the administration, we call for the general investors must carry on the correct management of self-worth.
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