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Daily InfoNews on October 30, 2016

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Daily economic news from China and the world

Daily InfoNews on October 30, 2016

First, the top blowing
1, the state administration for industry and commerce, in the future, malicious registered trademarks, trademark infringement, hitchhiking free-ride dishonest behavior, will be included in the credit supervision.
2, state councilor, in the near future, China will release the implementation of the strategy of energy production and consumption revolution (2016-2030 strategic planning ".

Second, the policy information
On November 1, 3, the implementation of illegal motor vehicle sales invoice issued by the motor vehicle companies list publicity system, falsely making out motor vehicle sales invoice will be included in the "blacklist".
4, national tax administration: to issue the non-resident tax-related information due diligence financial account management regulations (draft) ", immigrants account to declare.

Third, domestic finance and economics
5, in November, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city will have a total of 13.486 billion shares of restricted shares lifted, lifted market value amounted to 228.677 billion yuan.
6, on October 29, the first intelligent parking industry innovation of science and technology park set up in Cangzhou.
7. In July and October 30, 2016 world Internet exposition opened in Wuxi.
8. on Oct. 30, "2016 international energy change BBS" in Suzhou.
9. September and October 30, cold areas of China's first modern public iron bridge was formally opened.
10, state grid: is the establishment of independent sell electricity company.
11, the ministry official: China's Internet industry scale up to 750 billion Yuan.
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