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Daily InfoNews on October 28, 2016

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Daily economic news from China and the world

Daily InfoNews on October 28, 2016

First, the current politics news
1, 27 October 24 solstice, the sixth plenary session of the communist party of China (18 held in Beijing, Xi Jinping made important speeches.

Second, the top blowing
2, energy administration: plans to push the upgrade version of pv plan "leader", for the higher cost, market cognitive obstacles such as advanced technology for key support capacity has not yet been released. 

Third, policy information
3, state: issued by the "guidance", speed up the development of fitness and leisure industry and support qualified fitness leisure listings.
4, the national development and reform commission, bureau of energy: agree to the Inner Mongolia autonomous region to carry out comprehensive power system reform pilot.
5, the state intellectual property office: to issue the catalog of Chinese patent labor-intensive industries, out eight industries.
6, development and reform commission issued the traditional infrastructure implementation guidelines for the government and social capital cooperation projects, forbids discrimination on the grounds of exclusion, restrictions or private capital and foreign investment.
7, the state administration of radio: "measures for the management of news media's local agencies draft (revised draft)", to solicit opinions from the public, emphasis on news media reporters shall not engage in advertising business activities.

Four, economic data
8, 2010-2010, our country patent intensive industry added value amounted to 26.7 trillion yuan, 11% of GDP.
September 9,, China's international trade in goods and services revenue was 1.3411 trillion yuan, 1.2028 trillion yuan, the surplus of 138.3 billion yuan.

Five, the domestic business
10, 2015, the utilization rate of fertilizers and pesticides to improve reduce agricultural production costs 2.6 billion yuan.
11, by the end of September, our trademark filings 21.05 million pieces;11.77 million effective amount of a registered trademark.
12, as of October 27, cumulative QFII quotas approved $84.438 billion in China.
13, on September 13, dealt with the country in violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problem since 3489, including 818 violations tianjin subsidies or benefits.
14, on October 28, first announced the 30-year Treasury bond yields, the Treasury yield curve preliminary established.
15, October 28, the central bank interest rates tender way to carry out the 7 day period 95 billion yuan, at 14 days of 65 billion yuan, 28 days, 35 billion yuan reverse repurchase operation.
16, cisa: this year, China's steel production capacity could reach 70 million tons, or exceeding of the nearly 50%.

Sixth, international finance and economics
17, October 17, 27: the eu to the WTO panel established, China about copper, graphite and other 12 kinds of raw materials of export tariffs, quotas and relevant management measures to solve the dispute.
18, foreign media reported that south ice will merv set up, the world's largest Marine reserve, ban on fishing in 35 years.
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