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Daily InfoNews on October 24, 2016

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Daily economic news from China and the world

Daily InfoNews on October 24, 2016

First, policy information
1, my, state: issued by the "opinions", establish and improve the national implementation plan for the "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in mechanism.
2, ministry of science and technology: the "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" health and health science and technology innovation special planning (draft) "public opinion of the 12 major tasks.
3: and the state council legislative affairs office of the food safety law of the People's Republic of China the implementation regulations SongShenGao (revised draft) "to solicit opinions from the public.

Second, the big economic data
4, 1 - September, China's social logistics total is 167.4 trillion yuan, up 6.1% from a year earlier.
In September, 1-5, the national construction projects with a total investment of 97.4089 trillion yuan, up 9.1% from a year earlier.

Third, domestic finance and economics
6, 2015, the national forestry industry output value of more than 50000 one hundred million yuan, the main forest products such as economic forest products, man-made board, wood floor production first in the world.
In July and October 20, the first international cooperation BBS capacity and the eighth China foreign investment cooperation talks held in Beijing.
8, October 24, the national development and reform commission issued to fujian, anhui, zhejiang key river basin water pollution prevention and control of the central budgetary investment of 552 million yuan in 2016.
September and October 24, the central bank interest rates tender way to carry out the 7 day period 70 billion yuan, at 14 days of 60 billion yuan, 28 days, 40 billion yuan reverse repurchase operation.
10, institutional data: as of the third quarter, the normal operation of net lending industry platform for 1683, fell 13.9% year on year, the number of business platform accounted for up to 53.98%.

Fourth, international finance and economics
11, foreign media: Indonesia to rise sharply since 2017, export tariffs, mineral concentrate from the current 0-7.5% to 15-20%.
4 - on September 12, foreign media:, Japan's exports were down 9.9% year on year, a biggest drop almost seven years.
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