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Samsung Note7 phone exploded not only has damaged the South Korean economy

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2016-10-14   Author:Naruis Eileen   Browse Times:3354
Naruis Eileen 【An expert lecturer from “The Great Turning Point” Wisdom Lecture Platform】

Samsung Note7 phone exploded not only has damaged the South Korean economy

    Recently, the South Korea's Samsung send statement to stop production, sale and use (hereinafter referred to as "three stops") and recall Note7.According to media reports, Samsung short-term loss of $17 billion for this purpose.

Today, in view of the media focus on Samsung "explosion door" whether "injured" the public opinion of the south Korean economy, the central bank officials are eager to respond, says Samsung Note7 problems will not hit South Korea's GDP growth, but there are risks.Why do you say the risks?Because South Korea's Samsung explosion of South Korea's economic structure on the problem.According to media report, South Korea's Samsung electronics sales in South Korea's economy accounts for more than the main developed countries large proportion standard, and these enterprises is a military enterprise, can say Samsung companies like sneezes, South Korea's national economy will be a cold have a fever.Note 7 of the world's "three stops" has made 11 Seoul composite index fell 1.21%.

In fact, is not only the economy of South Korea South Korea's Samsung wounded, but the country's five lines.Five elements is a political state as gold, military as a fire, the economy for wood, financial into water, education for the soil.In recent years, the south Korean government taking close u.s.-japan military line, want to agree that the United States in Korea deployed Sade, intensified the contradiction, both at home and abroad caused the military confrontation in the upgrade of the Korean peninsula.Error is the political orientation of Yin fire wound gold, Yin gold injury wood, Yin wood and hurt the future of South Korea, Yin soil and water of finance., it is said that the international speculators do to Asia empty object already aimed at the han.A bad financial, South Korea's national five lines will be injured.

So, after South Korea's biggest shipping companies bankruptcy protection this year, Samsung and blown "explosion door" event, and it is Note7 across the board "three stops";Recently also explodes the south Korean cosmetics more than half the quality is not up to standard, the Korean dramas of families and come into China is no longer hot, the risk of decline in tourism also see Thad not into South Korea...

State five lines of operation is not for man's will, you choose the path of Yin jin, is bound to be a serial phase grams.South Korea's central bank officials the ostrich explanation is pale, we can wait and see!

State five lines of the restriction of the five lines of the world.The five elements of gold in China, for politics, the water of Europe for the financial, Latin America for the soil of education, Africa is the wood of the economy, the Middle East for the fire of the military.Chinese dream into the dream world, overwhelming the revival of Chinese nation, China's "Neighborhood" all the way firmly, Hangzhou summit of the G20 countries to open the milestone of China leading the world economy, the behavior of the Middle East, chairman of the xi drew a circle the five elements in the world.

So, who compete with China's concerns, whether it is South Korea, Japan, and even the United States, comparing myself to the interests of the country concerned to carefully weigh weigh again!!!

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