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Xi always teach you how to calculate account: the reform of

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2016-10-14   Author:Naruis Eileen   Browse Times:6650
Naruis Eileen 【An expert lecturer from “The Great Turning Point” Wisdom Lecture Platform】

Xi always teach you how to calculate account: the reform of "three is not"

    "Ellen editorial project review through acquisition, domestic and foreign affairs of the state governing principle politics total five elements and the five elements, and to tell you that learning always deserves to be political, economic, military, finance, education, and five lines in one big leader.Today, the media published an article called "xi jinping, general secretary of the literature", a word get!It makes an acquisition always profound literary accomplishment, infiltration in his gestures, mannerisms, domestic and foreign affairs, all aspects of governing.

These will be great.Learning at home and abroad always calculate the greatest common divisor to solidarity, cooperation and win-win.Recently, in the middle of the he chaired a deepening leadership group meeting, he teaches all departments at all levels and to calculate the reform of the big account, is the "three is not"."Three is" is "good at calculate accounts, general ledger, long-term accounts", "three not" is "can not only calculate department zhang, local accounts, immediate account", so as to guide people correctly understand and handle the power and interests, to reform the big picture.

Reform is the revolution itself.Revolution itself is a very difficult thing!The conference stressed that must strengthen the responsibility to bear, advance reform in the spirit of self revolution.What is life of self revolution, leather?Power and benefits!People is the main part of the interests, the interests of the people is himself as the center, and then a circle a enclosure, formed the personal interests, family interests, group interests, the interests of the departments and local interests...Power is a tool for the interests, rights and interests for arbitrage.Reform is to prevent the interests of the productive forces development intrinsic greasewood sweet on, it will move in different degrees monopolies department interests, group interests and local interests of the cake...This is the most difficult laid hands on him.So, xi said at the beginning of reform to chew hard stuff, who takes office on stage of rapids.18 third and fourth plenary session put forward the reform of more than five hundred and twenty, now has been crucial to a key period, we found that involves various departments at all levels of each group's core interests of reform is always hard to advance, to this end, the central inspection group for many departments and places the common problems are put forward.

Difficult things to grab from the top.People spread in a word, hard hard again, a catch, it's not hard to.The biggest advantage of our party is to concentrate resources to accomplish large undertakings.So, xi in the central, deepen the reform of the leadership group meeting always concentrated on the two words, is to "push" and "implementation".Strife in daily meeting that reform, to carry out the difficult in the heart.The more heavy task, difficulty is big, more want to sound bites, grasped the nettle.To grasp the in hand, the reform step by step forward, one layer to fall.So, xi stressed that the central and state organs departments is the responsibility of the reform main body, is an important force of promoting reform.Next, I guess, the head of the central leadership and reform leadership group will be around to departments and to grasp the push.

The top-level design must be in effect.Xi always stressed, and departments at all levels to resolutely implement the deployment of the CPC central committee decision, must be good at calculate "good at calculate accounts, general ledger, long-term account", "three not" is "can not only calculate department zhang, local accounts, immediate account".Our country in the past for more than twenty years to make the central resources, financial resources excessive concentration, will inevitably lead to interests, curing and departments can form report economic, direct economic competition, administrative monopoly, bull management, process complex...Local competition will form a vassal economy, repetitive construction and malignant competition, local protectionism...Administrative monopoly and local protectionism will hamper innovation, the development of productive forces, the central enterprises to display, private investment is declining is the embodiment of the energy shortage.So, the central government resolutely break more than 20 years of highly centralized, and decentralization, the pipes combined; redefine, of the central and local financial powers and responsibilities to inspire innovation motivation, innovation lead development, this is the self must be reform revolution, we must put the reforms grasp, pays special attention to, grasp deep and fine, catch the key, implement, must take on the big bill to reform, is clear!

So, xi general "three is not" is really wonderful!If we all departments at all levels with its own inventory three field, calculate the account department and local account, at present, the reform will be unable to break through in front of the pup.Only a big account, a general ledger, calculate the long term, will calculate the greatest common divisor, will be more and more powerful, more is the in the mind more bright.

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