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Net about car more convenient security

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2016-10-15   Author:Naruis Eileen   Browse Times:7478
Naruis Eileen 【An expert lecturer from “The Great Turning Point” Wisdom Lecture Platform】

Net about car more convenient security

Recently released five cities, including Beijing and Shanghai about car draft new rules, including Beijing, Shanghai, about car must be for locals and local car.At that time became the focus of public opinion, media criticism, the threshold of the new rules cause many question.In recent years, the net about car bring convenient and affordable at the same time also created a lot of social problems, thought-provoking, about car accelerating specification also reversed transmission network.About cars in the future, the network economic development can not only convenient, but also consider the safety of passengers, especially women and children, the social interests, to promote the healthy development of urban traffic.

One, net about car to encourage also needs governance.Since 2012, when the network about car entered our lives, this conforms to the information age, innovative and convenient way to travel in a rapid development.Released on July 28 "on deepening the reform to promote the healthy development of the taxi industry guidance" and "interim measures for Internet booking taxi service management", the network around the car should be brought into the taxi management scope, clear its legal status.We become the world's first announced net about car legalized country.Legalization of network about car is national recognition and encouragement to share economy.10th of this month, the Portuguese morning rush thousands of taxi protests, asked the government to ban the net about cars.Many parts of the world network about car is subjected to a boycott.And nearly four years, to adapt to the development trend of "Internet +" in China, on the net about car took a tolerant attitude.But Beijing Shanghai recently introduced new rules to limit drivers, vehicles, the license plate.Some netizens called "history's most severe network about new rules".We want the perspective-taking, understand the starting point of the new rules.Net around the car is not just a question of traffic, it caused social problems more complicated than we thought.For forms should tolerate the encourage innovation, also need to guide the governance.New things from rise to mature, it is only natural that the experience from disorderly to orderly and standardized process.Introduced new rules to protect consumers and the pilot governance both security and social issues.If only a unilateral consideration from market economy, is considerate.Net about car really brought convenient travel for everyone, but under the temptation of subsidy wars, the massive influx of foreign car and driver in big cities, low prices caused by the "subsidy", let the increased number of taking a taxi, to have more pressure of heavy load transportation.Originally network about car is designed in order to better use of idle vehicles, alleviate the pressure of the public transportation.Now cause too much cars, air pollution, such as problems of population growth.This must need government governance, rational regulation of car, driver, etc, to guarantee urban housing, transportation, public security and the ecological environment.This is not a market economy can solve social problems, not only the pursuit of open markets and ignore the social governance.Policy to reconcile contradictions, various Shared economic development.

      Second, the network about car more safer more convenient.Much of the network's new regulations about car is for security reasons.Public interests is the core, to provide diversified services, let people sit for convenient and safe network about car is the aim of the government.Since this year, Shanghai 12345 civil service hotline to receive involves network complaints about car more than 1800.Network service, safety problems of some car has nots allow to ignore.Net platform about car too loose audit and supervision, to passengers and the company has brought a lot of hidden dangers.A while ago about car accident frequency drops network, cause for public opinion.On May 2, in shenzhen, a 24-year-old female teachers take drops off back to school, on the road, the driver to robbery of female passengers, and brutally killed it.Some netizens "diu diu" said: "I used to use drops a taxi hit and online about different license plate number of the car, the driver came to the incredibly still because the journey far, throw me halfway to another taxi driver. Although I complained, but have no effect at all, to return a coupon."A lot of people reflect drops a taxi recourse, customer service was too slow to solve.So if not fundamentally to the system as guarantee, to exempt from all sorts of future trouble.As a public service platform is closely related to the public security interests, if we can only pursue interests, do not guarantee the security services, not the social responsibility of the player, would be difficult to long-term survival and development.Is worth thumb up in Shanghai, guangzhou net about car new clear: if the accident platform to pay first.North guangshen network such as much about the new rules have issued, including registration, license plate, the threshold.It is understood that if the new gauge standard, drops to standard web about car was only about 5% of the total current.If according to this, may cause imbalance between the supply side travel field.12, ma for web about the sermons, "don't slam the door web about car", prime minister li keqiang response will ask about city were studied.Said it was 13, the ministry of communications research around the web about car project, to ensure a smooth transition.How to balance the social security and market economy, needs a gradual process, need our government attaches more wisdom.

      Three, competition also to balance the transforming employment.Any reform of a country is standing on the macroscopic Angle make decisions, only balanced the interests of all parties, reform the greatest common factor can be achieved.Network about the rise of the car to the traditional taxi industry brings huge impact, how to make the network about car and taxi form differentiation competition, to the benign development, the government must solve the balance problem.This is not only a problem of our country, the net about car triggered a huge controversy over the world.Paris, Berlin, Madrid, such as some foreign cities have occurred several demonstrations in protest against the net about cars.On January 26, roma, milan, Italy and other cities of taxi drivers went on strike to protest activities.Like Paris, Italy has passed a bill banning net about a car, but not easy to really implement.A driver complained: "we usually only in their own city to ferry passengers, 'Uber driver can run across the city."Abroad most of the government in taxes and service have clear regulations about the taxi industry, but little regulation to network about the car.Is one of the banned or whatever don't ask, don't and can't solve the fundamental problem.As the net about our government car "rental passenger booking", standardize the services, to reform traditional taxi industry at the same time, such as requiring a taxi "part money" will adjust in time according to the factors such as cost, freight, etc.Create a fair environment where both benign competition, better meet the personalized travel demand.Recently about car subsidy dwindling, apparently by aggressive marketing unsustainable subsidies.Return to the same starting point in the future, the price of the web about car and taxi, each exhibit, integration development.New rules for some city asked the driver to locals, criticism of employment discrimination.Network according to the report about the car platform for adding a large number of employment opportunities in China, but the net about car if operating across the city, a large number of foreign car and driver into the cities, will aggravate such as traffic, housing, environmental pressure.For the locals, local policies, good job on the spot or in the vicinity, reducing resource usage.In Beijing, for example, to 2020, the population control at 23 million.So the employment guidance of labor-intensive industry is necessarily control population size.Policy formulation and implementation, to adjust measures to local conditions, a city, WenShen reform, handle the relationship between the development and stability.

      Government let network about car listed in the category of taxi, reflects the government openness to realize the common development of inclusive development by innovation, expected by the parties to negotiate and discuss, let network about new rules to achieve greatest common divisor, multi-win-win situation, brings people convenience, safe and economical.

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