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Break the spell of "three generations" by what?

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Naruis Eileen 【An expert lecturer from “The Great Turning Point” Wisdom Lecture Platform】

Break the spell of "three generations" by what?

For a long time, "three generations" is considered an immutable law.He was referring to, no matter a family fortune through what way, being rich of time, there are few more than three generations.Recently, ubs and PWC joint billionaires, according to a report released to one-third of the world's billionaires have been over the age of 70 - year - old, wealth held by the total accounted for 40% of total wealth.Report points out, "so, we will witness the most massive transfer of wealth in global history. For up to 85% of Asian billionaire belong to the first generation and the rich, this will be the first time ever handed over to the billionaire wealth."In under the influence of the idea of "three generations", how to make these millions from passing on meaningful and avoid cycles into "three generations" curse caused huge waste?

First, the inheritance of wealth by ford.In recent years, more and more rich family over three generations even continue, especially in Germany and Switzerland, the two countries' billionaires are usually successful broke the spell of "three generations".So many people get rich through three generations of the local stability of the external environment.However, numerous examples, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign wealth inheritance by ford.The ancients cloud: "moral family heirloom, more than ten generations, GengDou family heirloom, times and literature family heirloom again next, wealth family heirloom, but three generations".Qing yu zeng guofan advocate cultivate one's morality self-critical, good for officer, Confucian first, sincerity for politics, the family was able to longevity, with his family precepts has played a big role.Famous around the world, wal-mart, ford, Rockefeller, Forbes, such as family, is after several generations of the old family and still exist;Osaka, Japan's famed kong temple building enterprise groups, to 40, 1400 years of history.And can make these break the spell of three generations of the family is rooted in: they are good for inheritance, to a large extent depends on the spirit and concept for family heritage, spreading the good atmosphere.But is also rich, many families were not so lucky.Shenzhen hai xiang pharmaceutical listed companies, chairman of Luo Yu antibacterial to empty its holdings of hai xiang pharmaceutical all shares, 59.4 million shares, up all his possessions.Sea circle in the pharmaceutical industry is its father Luo Bangpeng spent 40 years to build the listed company, is the "rich second generation" Luo Yu antibacterial in four years time lost to others.It is understood that the 2013 global rich list more than a quarter of the rich source of wealth for inheritance, but generally inherited wealth by the end of the second generation of inheritance over three generations of only 22.More than 85% of Asian billionaire who is the first generation of self-made entrepreneurs, they had experienced from a youth hone, to temper their strong will and outstanding talent, make they can accomplish great cause.And subsequent generation is facing has rich family, without the experience of entrepreneurship, it is difficult to know hard-earned wealth.Not only that, but now, more and more rich with the next generation of the concept of communication and there is a huge gap, the rich second generation, three generations of the family business of mismanagement, or in a family dispute case is a dime a dozen, the disadvantages of the tradition directly led to the failure of the family business.Scene after scene of the tragedy, fully exposed the inheritance of family wealth.Also again there are ford force people to create wealth, also only has are descendants of the force can better inherit and preserve and value-added wealth.

Xi always attaches great importance to "moral education", in the 2015 Spring Festival mass, xi is always family, family education, family trait of significance.And acquisition always stressed: to guide non-public people especially the younger generation to become rich, rich but think, to be patriotic, dedication, innovation, law-abiding, honest and contribution.Strengthen the "second generation" life value orientation of education and training, training theory of its road system of self-confidence, self-confidence, self-confidence.

Second, wealth by DE poly is a constant principle.The ancients cloud: hold world with virtue.Have profound virtue to bearing external wealth and fame, on the contrary, wealth, status, position, like a flash in the pan, keep for a long time.The latest samsung Note7 phone explosion door event is the dynamic, samsung in the process of a recall for the difference between China and other countries treat, even with the Chinese consumer to tear, until the operators to stop selling, airlines block...Samsung has been playing with his face, Note7 towards its end.However, samsung loss not only material, but also cannot be measured by material's credibility.

The annual rich list reveals a principle: impermanence, wealth.An enterprise can walk how far, can do much, related to the quality of the enterprise's legal representative.The world's richest man Bill Gates for many years topped the global list of the top, he was eager to engage in charity, their wealth through all kinds of foundation, the trust is full of people.But there are a lot of rich will not "give up".German media published an article "why China's rich man could be so stingy, report pointed out that no one country in the world as rapidly as China's millionaire population growth.But almost no one country's rich like China, are reluctant to donate money to charity.

Goods by DE together, in the flow of wealth is "DE" and decisive.Greatness of talent to be the rich;Greatness gather fortune;Sino-german ZhongCai, druids get little money.Xi always visit Beijing university in 2014 puts forward new requirements to the contemporary young people: pay equal attention to both ability and political integrity.People without virtue, not far from the line.But, have no to also not line, otherwise why clerkstarts?

In the third, wealth, there is no good or bad, make the best use.Ubs global director of ultra-high net worth Stadler said about 460 billionaires will in the next 20 years to transfer $2.1 trillion to the next generation, the amount of India's gross domestic product (GDP).So a lot of wealth to the next generation, how to use is a big problem in front of them.In fact, the wealth itself has no good or bad, the key to how to do.If such an enormous squandered a fortune if given to children, not only have no merit, but is hurt them.Brazilian jorge, expensive, once after his father died, inherited 2 billion dollars, become Brazil's richest man at that time.However, due to the spending excessive, jorge in the last 15 years of his life, but to live isolated block of small apartments, the point of living on government business benefits, dim and die in the end.But if you are using money, like to use the money to charity, philanthropy, etc., it will increase at their own power, the money will be more and more, there are endless examples of this ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign.

To master the tells us: development is the absolute principle, force ford is tough;All concentration runoff, training concentration is more important than learning anything.After that, see ford is tough is with money.Concentration is made addition to ford force, so the core values into the family, family education, family trait of life is constantly for credit card prepaid phone, to family, break the spell of "three generations" decisive role. 

Man is the root of all.So, when people are in fear cannot escape "three generations" spell, if we can understand that money by DE poly truth, in itself unceasingly, set up the core values, then break the spell of "three generations" also becomes easy.

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