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America's asia-pacific dream lost as the bay

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2016-10-23   Author:Naruis Eileen   Browse Times:6126
Naruis Eileen 【An expert lecturer from “The Great Turning Point” Wisdom Lecture Platform】

America's asia-pacific dream lost as the bay

China deserves to be the world of gold, the lion woke up.Xi jinping, not the kui is a diamond of China governing, domestic and foreign affairs.Golden autumn in October, he was just successfully completed the Cambodian Meng Yin tour "bric" diplomacy, Mr Obama has ushered in his last a bittersweet state before the curtain call, michelle amazing rose gold tight dress can comfort his lost...

You soon discover that the United States in the asia-pacific Allies struggled to build camps like as landslide mud-rock flow.

A few days ago, is currently on a state visit to China of the Philippine President Du Teer announced on the military, economic parted ways with the United States, he accept China provides, the coast guard, anti-drug included 13 interest cooperation package.Weeks all the known, earlier this year, the two signed "strengthen defense cooperation agreement, the United States to set up eight military bases in the Philippines, then in March to use five bases, every base intention is very clear, is on the south China sea, counterweight to China.The pentagon issued a $fifty million in military spending commitments, to assist in southeast Asia international maritime security, to return to the asia-pacific to point to the face surrounded by the layout of China.The two countries also repeatedly joint military exercises, joint cruise to the south China sea.U.S. defense officials said the proud for the Philippines is "America's main ally," the two relations have never been so strong.People, however, is not as good as day ah, China should this lion wake up days, shun, many factors can be coincidence, don't need we ourselves.Arbitration of the Philippines is like this, in the south China sea, the Du Teer's office, his review, a former President of policy of the United States, not lead Japan's affection on the arbitration of the south China sea, also sent envoys with China's fixed way, paved for his trip to Beijing, a departure from the us fruitful achievements.

In the Philippines to the United States in turn, Vietnam also expressed his sincere to China.Today, Chinese ships carrying 750 sailors will first stop strategically important Vietnam bay naval base, open a four-day visit.As is known to all, the United States and Vietnam is the enemy.Although the describe, but in the fixed base is much stronger than the United States.However, on the south China sea dispute, Vietnam is tempted, the two sides manoeuvres, the youth may, with the United States. I rush dew husband and wife, the United States so full ban on arms sales to Vietnam.Vietnam was naked said, support the United States in the asia-pacific region.In early American warships docked the bay for the first time.See Vietnam is away with wrong path of diamond, it showed great China, not Vietnam mother-in-law mother with him, also don't envy jealous with the United States.Golden nine silver ten, by the G20 summit, hangzhou conveniently for China to show the elegance of diamonds, countries around the world to see in the eye, in my heart.Subsequently, xi total foot not anywhere, the somebody else, Vietnam's prime minister, about the door between the two countries have built a joint development, makes the destiny of the consensus of the south China sea.

September hangzhou summit of the G20 countries become a pilgrimage to China world summit, the trip to xi overall brics, prime minister li to participate in the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) summit series, to the United States in the asia-pacific Allies conveniently for the steps of a good.At this point, the United States in the asia-pacific turning in his elaborate on China's "most important ally" camp not formatted.Experts in Australia for this exclamation: two U.S. Allies (refers to the Philippines and Thailand) to China, all don't want to be a war.Even wanted to compete with China, canoodling with the United States, Japan and India, also has the strength of the opponent Russia flirted with the United States.

In diplomacy, no permanent enemies, no permanent friends, only the country's interests.America return to Asia Pacific's dream is based on the category of interference in other countries and regional affairs, and sovereign interests of China and the asia-pacific peace is built on a win-win cooperation, create community of fate and interests gathering point, therefore, are the basis of the root of the other.Any country will not weigh repeatedly.

And temptation for a wounded, the key see who have power.Development is always our voice.Express in the development of China is open, as long as you are sincere, you can take the development of China's express.Elections in the United States has been exposed to no one, not by strength, hackers obtain evidence by the vulgar.Its Asia Pacific dream lost as the bay, the dream is in the Middle East Russian version of the cold war race in a dilemma.

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