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The occupation of central is not right. Acting becomes Qin Hui

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2014-10-12   Author:Naruis Eileen   Browse Times:1364
Author: Naruis Eileen 【An expert lecturer from “Feng hui lu zhuan” Wisdom Lecture Platform】

The occupation of central is not right. Acting becomes Qin Hui        


Up to today, the illegal occupation of central lasting for 13 days has increasingly made the people from Hong Kong and the world see the selfish nature of them. From the elegance of starting occupation to later truculence and disgrace, to our surprise, there are some disorders of dispossessing roads, beer and skittles, and making poor figures. These activities are attacked with one voice of people from all walks of life. The related organizations, media and international scholars disclose the occupying actions of betraying country and Hong Kong one after another.

Yesterday, in response to public opinion, the Hong Kong SAR Government announced that it refused to compromise with the occupying actions of kidnapping public interests, refusing to negotiate with the Hong Kong Union of University Students beyond legal framework.

Prior to the announcement, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR, Liang Zhenying, sternly showed: The police would timely take actions against the persons of occupying central to demonstrate.

By reports, the Hong Kong travel Restaurant demanded compensation to the originator of occupying central. The Guangdong and Hong Kong Cargo Alliance delivered ultimatum to order the occupiers at the central to withdraw within certain time. Otherwise roadblocks would be forcibly removed.

Today, the drivers of Hong Kong run out of patience with the impacts of occupying central. They show that if the occupiers don’t give way they would drive clip trolleys to clear. Hong Kong mum group go to street and cry to persuade the students of occupying the central to go home. But they are scolded gruffly by the men of occupying the central ……

The occupation of the central not only has serious impacts on the work of citizens, school of students, and operation of merchants, public relief service and others, but also causes irreversible damage to the transportation, livelihood issue, economy and international image of Hong Kong.

On October 8, Hong KongUniversity published the latest economic forecast report of Hong Kong. Impacted by the occupation of central, the annual economic forecast of Hong Kong would be sharply decreased from original 3.4% to 2.2% and therefore would be decreased to 0.9% even lower. Hong Kong is threatened by falling back to second-tier city around China.

From the entire process of the occupation, we see that the central government has great intelligence and is highly restraint. On the one hand, the central government emphasizes and restates that we should keep the authority of the Territory's Basic Law and condemn the illegal actions of occupying the central, supporting the SAR Government to deal with it according to laws. On the other hand, we should handle the right of observation, evaluation and self maintenance to the Hong Kong people, reflecting the Basic Law spirit of one country-two system and Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong with a high degree of autonomy.

This wisdom and attitude make us recall the story of the Buddha. Once, a Brahman woman stored a pillow in her belly to Maha Sangha for slandering the Buddha. She said she expected a child of the Buddha. The monks discussed much about it and hoped that the Buddha could come forward to clarify the facts. But the Buddha was silent and freely let the woman make trouble out of nothing and frame the Buddha until the woman forgot herself and dropped the pillow to disclose her. Everybody switched to denounce the Brahman woman until she admitted and confessed. The Buddha was still silent.

Afterwards, the monks asked the Buddha why he kept silent desperately. The Buddha told the monks: If I pleaded before the Brahman woman disclosed her, why could she forget herself? I should let her disclose herself in order to better educate herself and all living beings. If I was anxious to plead when she disclosed her, she would say I use magic powers. There still would be some people with bad faith to believe in her. Only did she become conscious herself and confess before me and everyone, she could eliminate her sins.

We also see that the Hong Kong SAR Government is justified and moderated on the occupation of central in the premise of keeping the Basic Law, admonishing, appealing but holding the legal right of maintenance, and never taking Hong Kong people's welfare as a talking chip.

We also see that the consistently civilized Hong Kong people gradually realize American face of destroying Hong Kong's peace and development and doing harm to both sides, and further improving the awareness of Hong Kong SAR Basic Law and the consciousness of supporting and holding the Basic Law.

The author accidentally got an evaluation on the farce of occupying the central from a supermundane master-hand. It was very interesting. I release it to everyone for common appreciation.

 “The occupation of central is very good. America suffers a rebuff. Chinese counterstrike is really witty. Chinaentraps  to let them act. The ambush is ready to catch you. The occupation of central looks powerful. They become traitors conversely. ”

 “Xi Dada is high intelligent. The strategy is his true strength. The occupation of central must happen, how does China solve the problem? An inspiration burst upon him with no hurry. Entrapment switched him to a victory. Make them become traitors. They won't recover if the world spits. Media is a good weapon. It plays a great role in the occupation. It disclosed the hidden hands of America. America paid money to support the occupation. It is very difficult for the occupiers to deny before facts. The traitors must be you.”

 “Strategy is a great game. The tactics is flexible for attacks. How can a little child as Obama deal with that? Xi Dada is a true adult. ”

Therefore, the conspiracy of occupying the central has been disclosed. Desperate resistors are fools. The occupation of central has become the rats crossing the street of Hong Kong people. Why you don't evacuate, reflect and confess! Why you wait for the fate hit by everyone! Why you become infamous and contemptible Qin Hui!

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