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The watery GDP will be gradually drained

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2014-02-12   Author:Naruis Eileen   Browse Times:640
The watery GDP will be gradually drained

The watery GDP will be gradually drained

Some conscientious people had counted that one plus one always didn’t make two for our national GDP and local GDPs. Their sum of all provincial GDPs was more than the national GDP for one big province’s GDP every year.

Therefore, according to someone’s analysis, the reasons of the difference between the national GDP and local GDPs attributed to three of statistic scope issue, technology issue and watering.

The publication of this data from the National Bureau of Statistics was just right that all provinces and regions held the two meetings every year. Some conscientious people would compare the national GDP with the sum of all provincial and regional GDPs, therefore giving rise to an uproar.

However, the heated topic was still heated. Every province and region still reported the unchanged target and the unreduced growth rate. All provinces and regions marched forward courageously in watering.

But the brave advance changed this year. Recently, news came from every province and region one after another, reporting they changed the growth rate and gears and took quality more seriously. It was reported that 21 provinces reduced the growth rate of GDP, 6 provinces held the same growth rate of GDP, only GuangdongProvince slightly increased the growth rate of GDP for 0.5%.

The experts were quite good at speaking. They said that these were active adjustments after balancing economic developments and elements and resources restriction of local governments, providing essential spaces to change the economic growth mode and adjust economic structures.

In fact, for local governments, particularly for administrators and directors of statistic, they got a sign of relief. Development is absolute truth. They didn’t relieve developments, but relieving cumbrance of watering. They also knew that they wronged ordinary people and descendants because of watery GDP. For them, nobody wanted water. But the baton of appraisal forced them not to water for none development. They wouldn’t have administrative achievements if they didn’t water. The unpractical plans with the major appraisal indexes as growth rate of GDP were pressed from top to bottom. So-called economic dispatch meetings let backward areas of growth rate enter into “cages”. It forced them not to slack in growth rate of GDP. Only watering could raise the growth rate of GDP.

I ever asked cadres from developed areas. Didn’t your developed areas want to water? The answer surprised me. Why didn’t our developed areas water? At the end of the year, cadres took their notes to enterprises for directly changing outputs.

It seemed it was all due to my own ignorance. How one appraisal index across the country couldn’t force a race of watering growth rate mainly!

The development mode with high growth rate was unsustainable. Because it relied on high input, high debt, high cost and big construction to hold, therefore it brought about redundant construction, excess capacity, debt risk, financial risk and other issues. If we don’t change gears and adjust, it must bring about the fundamental issues on economic structures, the fundamental issues on party conduct, governmental conduct, and work style.

It seems that party and state leaders are wise. The issue is required to catch from the source in the “decisions” of the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, getting reversed at one stroke. The source is just the appraisal system of cadres. Within one month after the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China,  the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC printed and distributed “the Notice on the improvement of local party and government leading bodies and leading cadres performance evaluation work”. It made it clear about not taking GDP as the main appraisal index of local officials’administrative achievements, not raking GDPs of areas any longer, not judging officials of areas by their GDPs. Therefore, it creates a relaxed environment for local governments to drain water of GDPs, comprehensively deepen reform and open adjusting to local conditions.

Of course, historical cumulated watering can’t be solved overnight. We don’t count on drain all water of data within one year. Reform is neither a sudden braking nor a clean cut. Reform and innovation are to motivate new vitality of development. We only reform from source and develop according to reality, we will hope to drain water of growth.

We are pleased to see that though every province and region moderately reduce the growth rate of GDP, their strengths of development don’t change; their measures of reform are active and powerful.

Bless every province and region to drain water and lightly develop!


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