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Why did Ma Yu regret after bragging?

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2014-12-09   Author:Naruis Eileen   Browse Times:1084
Author: Naruis Eileen 【An expert lecturer from “Feng hui lu zhuan” Wisdom Lecture Platform】

Why did Ma Yu regret after bragging?

No doubt, a Yu is a celebrity, whose messages are in the information of “Celebrity & Brand” we read every day.

I am concerned that Ma Yu is one who is willing to speak the truth. You see, he made no secret of his state of regret after “bragging”. This is the message he sent after the speech at  the Ninth General Assembly of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai:“Now I always regret after bragging, I am afraid to hurt more people.”

This means that a celebrity is not a sensible person who can understand everything around him clearly and what he says and does is right without wrong and doesn’t mislead any people.

Such as President Xi, he never regretted. Although he published speeches and signed articles one bye one at any one time visit and at attending all kinds of unilateral, bilateral, multilateral diplomacy and civil activities.

Why? Because whatever he said are all correct. Whether you are pro or anti-Chinese, you can not find any fault with his speech and behavior.

This is the difference between celebrities and sensible persons.

I ever read Ma Yu’s entire speech record, in fact, what he said is really very good. He said it was not easy for the president and the entrepreneurs, so we might learn how to innovate ,do business with a a pay mind ,to adapt to the new normal state ,to keep composure and turn from a self-centered shift to other people as the center, what he said were inspiring heartfelt words. But Ma Yu didn’t understand easiness and made others awkward at the beginning. These kinds of words weren’t suitable for playing at the Congress of the Members instead at odd hours.

Praise is the supreme solution for any education. President Xi always unites the positive energy with praise to warm the hearts, anytime and anywhere.

Look! President Xi’s lecture on the human civilization exchanges and mutual learning in UNESCO headquarters at this spring tour of Europe this spring was full of wisdom and convenience. First his sincere prayer and praise formed a broad consensus of the international community,and the Voice of China has been passed all over Europe.

The people in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai like cooking dishes with sugar. What does sager mean? Encouragement & praise. So is cooking, so is dealing people, even governance, peace diplomacy as well. So if we would cook good dishes we must put sugar before salt into the dishes. When we talk to people ,we must encourage and praise them to keep them sit down and listen to us quietly .

If Ma Yu had learned to praise first, his speech might be very effective.

Regret is normalcy of ordinary persons’ personality. Ma Yu’s personality includes the normalcy of riding with relax reins and riding the whirlwind, and also includes a new normalcy of “money and wayward”. Two of which made him lack of the necessary judgments on the environment, and not do with fate uprising, which would made many people uproar, and made himself regrets.

However, he has a good character. His regret seems lightly, no deliberately, no pain. If he regretted indeed he would repent..... Regret and repentance are the different concepts.

Regret is people’s habit, it varies with the mindset and behavior of a given type and spontaneously and forms inertia again and again, and becomes men’s normalcy. Most of people are like this, regret after speaking, doing, and they are worried and living in regret.

And repentance is a sense. It is a relief and understanding afterwards, which can’t be understood in doing and before doing. The person who often regents indeed and does like this for long time can change his normalcy into a new one of not putting the blames on others alse and not to repeat a previous mistake like a gasped gyro in high-speed rotation.

After all, celebrities are common persons whose sense can’t last long.

Therefore Ma Yu also mentioned the problem of keeping composure with which people couldn’t brag and never brag again.

But composure needs to be trained. We often lead the entrepreneurs to remember two words in “Feng Hui Lu zhuang”: the development is the absolute principle, Chingford is fixed target, and composure determine all. It’s more important to train our composure than to learn anything.

Both of money and fame is credit card, what kind of cards? Our Chingford credit of our life and we advocate recharging and accumulating for them with dedication and keeping composure.

Although we are not celebrities, we must learn from President Xi always to say kind words, to gather and transmit positive energy anytime and anywhere.

What you do and say like this wouldn’t be embarrassing and grandstanding, and wouldn’t make you regret instead it would only encourage people, unite people to make progress and work hard.


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