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President Xi’s teeth are so good that he can have leftover bones deliciously

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2014-03-21   Author:Naruis Eileen   Browse Times:3005
Naruis Eileen 【An expert lecturer from “Feng hui lu zhuan” Wisdom Lecture Platform】

President Xi’s teeth are so good that he can have leftover bones deliciously

President Xi always says to some one he meets: Good meat was eaten out but only hard bones left. Many people who don’t understand its meaning think it’s so hard and poor for President Xi who untimely only have hard bones left without meat to have. In fact we are wrong .I feel President is very extraordinary to crack the hard nuts according to his position and views on the various occasions!

Xi Jinping emphasized on the visit of Guangzhou in Dec, 2012:the reform and open is the key to the fate of present China, also the key to the realization of the goal of “two hundreds of years” and the great rejuvenation of the PRB of China. We should adhere to the correct direction of reform and opening, dare to crack the hard nuts and wade through rapids. We should also break through the barriers of ideas and the barriers of interest cured.

On March 5 last year ,President Xi stressed  when he met Shanghai delegation the next time: Our reform has entered into a crucial stage and deepwater areas, we must further deepen our reform, strengthen confidence, build consensus, plan a whole and joint development, dare to crack the hard nuts and wade rapids, break through the barriers of ideas and the barriers of interest cured, to respect market rules more, play the role of government better in order to open the biggest advantage to seek greater development space.

On last October 7,in his the speech at the APEC CEO Summit he said : The reform of China has entered into a crucial phase and deep water because there are so much difficult problems in the current reform for us to deal with which all are hard nuts to gnaw, then we should do it at one fling. If we dread and move forward indecisively, what we have done may come to naught. China is a large country which never makes disruptive errors on fundamental issues or irreparably. Our position is daring, steadiness and to explore and open up daringly but also think before jumping. We must keep our correct direction of reform and opening up for cracking hard nuts and wading rapids, while for struggling against the harder nuts, never stop our reform and opening up.

On February 7 this year, President Xi attended the Winter Games in Suotchi , accepted the exclusive interview of "Saturday News" of Russian television  and gave an emphasis: it’s not easy for China such a country with a population of over 1.3 billion to deepen reform. After 30 years the reform of China has entered into its hard time. It can be said its good time has already passed, there are hard nuts left. So we must do all bravely and steady. Bravely means we should march on even so hard and dare to take up, to crack hard nuts and wade through rapids .Steady means: we must have a correct direction to go forward steady and especially never make subversive errors.

On March 6 this year, Xi Jinping said in the deliberation of Guangdong Delegation during the Two Sessions: The time we are living in is an exciting one. Facing the tide of reform, we should be reform-goers to have a undertaking spirit which means strikes, heroic sacrifice in the era of the revolutionary war, now it means to have the courage to reform, good for reform.

I’ve listed detailed the background about President Xi’s cracking the hard nuts in order that all of you can learn to observe and study the total stresses scientific standpoint scientific methodology of this sentence. I think it’s very positive and optimistic, but also a serious and responsible exploration and innovation.

A, Reflecting President Xi’s bottom-line thinking. He dares to indicate brightly whether inside or outside: we must unswervingly adhere to the reform and opening up, which is our bottom-line thinking. I pointed in the article named” What kind of thought for President Xi’s ‘Thinking badness’”: If we didn’t adhere to reform and open, we would change the flag authorities. If we didn’t like to crack the hard nuts, we would go back to the old way, both of which are inadvisable for us. Since the reform and opening is “the key”and “fundamental issues” to decide the fate of China and realize the Chinese dreams. Even  it’s in the "critical period" and “deep zone”, we will never give up, never retreat, never escape, never go through the motions instead we must work hard and enhance our awareness of making progress, opportunity and responsibility and firmly grasp the initiative in development.

B, Showing President Xi’s scientific judgment on the overall characteristics of the development stage of China. At that time, Dong Xiaoping led china to reform and open up ,at the beginning ,it was not hard to do it ,and China was able to cross the river by feeling the stones, and developed wildly with the liberation of the productivity bounded by long-term plan economy. By the mid-term of reform and opening up, adjusting the economic structure and changing the mode of development began to be shouted and the secondary entrepreneurship .However we found that the natural environment has been broken seriously, the excess capacity is very hard and the interests of the barriers was cured, the food was not assured, the security is worrying......

Just like what President Xi said: the situation is complicated, economy is climbing and the reform is making a breakthrough. If we turned back from reform, we would break the reform into pieces, we must go forward to deal with all kinds of difficulty. Base on this scientific judgment then what should we do ? What’s our position? Please follow me !

C, Reflecting President Xi’s scientific processing method of cracking hard nuts.Now, everyone mentions the story:“Dismember an ox as skillfully as a butter”less, but President Xi practices it easily, which tells us to do anything after repeated practice as well as we can master the objective law of things in order we can do all easily and freely.

You know that Pao ding knew“The way, over the skills”,Look, he was used to touch with his hands ,relied on with his shoulder, treaded with his feet and pushed with his knees, the hua hua of sound of his knife was smoothly when he killed the oxes, which just closed to the tones of dance music YOu DoDdo

named “Sang Lin”and music named “Jing Shou” .I feel what President Xi is good at cracking the hard nuts is also way, over the skills! For the hard nuts President Xi is full of confidence and full of confidence, full of fighting spirit, full of change in survival wisdom, full of pioneering and innovative spirit instead of grumble, fear and nail-biting.

One side, he encouraged us to persevere in reform and opening up. He sedate development of practice is end through less, so emancipating the mind and reform and opening up are. No way for us to turn back and stop. We must adhere to the correct direction of reform and opening up, dare to crack hard nuts, wade through rapids, and also have the courage to break through the barriers of ideas and the barriers of interest cured. He promotes the reform with opening and he encourages the people of vision to go out to improve the quality of reform, to create innovative country.

On the other side: He has the ability to promote co-ordination. He said: We must strengthen confidence, build consensus with co-ordinate planning, collaborative manner. he proposed to gather  positive energy together to to achieve the great call of the dream of China which was  actively received by 1.3 billion people and overseas Chinese people. After the third plenary session of 18 China has firmly walked into the second season of the overall reform and opening up, in which we will focus more on the systemic, integral and synergic  reform, to perfect and developed the socialism with Chinese characteristics system, to promote the national governance system and governance modernization, so more and more equitable development results benefit all the people.

At the same time, he combined creatively the top-level design with moving steadily, set up a "Three super" leadership group in which President Xi is the leader, which has made the courage of the reform bigger ,more steadily steps, which has attracted the worldwide attention , admiration.

I will advise everyone with a word of ad that has been called back to my memory :What we have what is delicious with good teeth !

Ouch! It’s very easy for our President Xi to crack the hard bones ,because he has good teeth, good eyes, good hands, good legs, hard feet. Well, very delicious and relish.

Let’s strengthen our confidence, gather our positive energy together, go along with President Xi gnawing on bones together!

Crack! Just do it now!

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