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A Look on the Two Views of Achivements in Post from the Real and False Treasures in Xi Secretary General Eyes

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2014-11-02   Author:Naruis Eileen   Browse Times:1451
Naruis Eileen 【An expert lecturer from “Feng hui lu zhuan” Wisdom Lecture Platform】

 A Look on the Two Views of Achivements in Post from the Real and False Treasures in Xi Secretary General Eyes


In November of 2014, Xi Secretary General came to FujianProvince where he ever worked, inspecting the cooperation window, Fujian Pingtan General Experimentation Area. Xi Secretary General repeatedly warned local officials, also warned national Party and government leaders: Good ecological environment was a real treasure. We couldn’t ruin the real treasures and bring false treasures to damage environment.

The warn was light and lively, easy to understand, quite funny and meaningful, reflecting two views of achievements in post and two views of investments. One was the view of achievements in post to govern long for people, and the other was the view of achievement in post to govern short for themselves. One was the extensive view of investment at the expense of environment, and the other was the win-win cooperation view of investment.

Faced with Taiwan compatriots’ wave of Welcome Xi Chairman to Taiwan, Xi Secretary General firmly showed: We should continually create good investment environment for Taiwanese merchants, welcoming more Taiwanese merchants to invest in mainland, Pingtan.

Faced with Chinese Mainland for upgraded investment after the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee, Xi Secretary General showed cards of real and false treasures. In fact, he showed right view of achievements in post to Party and government leaders and new investment brand to the world: China no longer took the road to damage the real treasure, the investment road at the expense of good ecological environment, with no exception of Hong Kong, Ao Men and Taiwan investment.

Reviewing Chinese road of investment promotion to develop local economy, there were really many places to take the road of short term action to damage the real treasure with the false treasure. I ever received many colleagues of chamber of commerce in the Yangtze River Delta. They faced our relatively backward place but green mountains and clean water and wholeheartedly sighed with emotion. Ten years ago, we didn’t see your such sky, mountains and water. You must protect them well. But how many local governments are there to keep their equanimity and really implement ecological protection? Local governments wrote notes of approval, gave a previous notice to environmental protection sections, requiring the environmental protection sections to handle special cases with special methods and fire them for failing to change their ideas, forcing the environmental protection sections to help the false treasures get false proof for environment protection standard and the pass for firstly boarding and then ticketing. In order to attract and retain such false treasures, many places unscrupulously misappropriated, plundered and damaged real treasures such as good natural ecological environment and historical and cultural resources, randomly using public rights to give the false treasures great tax exemption, bank loans and financial subsidies, even misappropriating the interests of masses. It had paid all kinds of heavy prices, being called cheap Made-in-China and bloody GDP.

The Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee showed a double-edged sword of reform. The negative list for Investment access requires higher standard, intensifying the market access of energy conservation, land conservation, water conservation, environment, technology, and security. The environmental protection responsibility of investment requires higher, improving the long term mechanisms of preventing and defusing excess capacity, establishing the mechanisms of environment damage charged to cost, establishing the most strict source protection system, damage compensation system, responsibility tracing system, improving the system of environment governance and ecological restoration. All these are the protection and security mechanisms for the real treasures.

Though the reform plans were determined, the promoting was a long term course. I just now read on the media. Under the high pressure situation of anti-corruption zero tolerance, there were still generals of state-owned enterprises to be openly reimbursed for bars and escort services from governments. Such false treasures still dared to make great strides, obviously there being the market for them. Therefore, environment pollution isn’t still raised to the altitude of zero tolerance. Local officials still put on the play of taking false treasures for real treasures.

In order to relieve the stress of environment construction and release great investment space, the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee encouraged enterprises and individuals to produce their own advantages for foreign investments at the same time. Thereafter, the central government led by Li Keqiang removed all kinds of system obstacles for private investments again and again. Premier Li Keqiang delegated foreign investment rights to enterprises and individuals again at the State Council executive meeting in the early part of October, removing approval, improving facilitation, promoting more enterprises and individual to go out.

I notice that the subtexts of encouragement such as having conditions, producing advantages really mobilize riches to make survival and development space for poors. It is very difficult to make the lower middle class go out. Only do we make conditional, advantageous people go out, the lower middle class would have due development space. I ever visited some economical and practical properties, heavy-heartedly seeing the insufficient light of the houses, simple and crude infrastructure, too little green space, quite poor public utilities and public service. If the conditional, advantageous people can go out, it must release development space for great mass of lower middle class. I think it is a responsibility and mission.

It is said that the cost of picturesque European sea-side villas in Greece and Spain and investor immigrants is much lower than the house prices of first-tier cities in China. The villa prices of Gran Canaria in Spain are much lower than the villa prices of our third-tier county towns. Why do you go to big cities for a crowd, and getting no household register, and being called Nan Piao or Bei Piao? Why do local governments sacrifice good ecological environment to build villas in reservoir areas, scenic areas and marshes for the false treasures? Villas are just leisure places. You go abroad to enjoy foreign green spaces, and blue sky, white clouds, beach and open landscape with no fog and haze. Is it not very good?

Is the earth not a village? Is the earth not a room on internet? Don’t you work, live, invest, consume at this side of the village same as you do at that side of the village? Is it not your free and willing to live in this room for some time and then that room for some time?

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