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Who can win this oil card?

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2014-11-04   Author:Naruis Eileen   Browse Times:2187
Naruis Eileen 【An expert lecturer from “The Great Turning Point” Wisdom Lecture Platform】

Who can win this oil card?

Styled square table expanded the Dragon gate tactics. Number the present world cards, bilateral, multilateral, intersectional, hands, transitions and bewildering prospects.

 However, the home plate forever expands around the United States and Russia, and other countries and regions are only byplays of “Short one player”. But Xi Jinping, Pugin are superiors instead of Obama.

 Currently, the Obama and his administration has been condemned and questioned in the United States that he haven’t do well in the problem of Ebola outbreak, "Islamic State” and economic crisis. Internationally, his two “TP” (TPP and TIPP) can’t be attention and his clapping chest and head was very lightly.

 Military card : Military card isn’t  be played casually, instead training with rubbing is very good. We know that China adheres to keep a high profile position in dealing with international affairs and the exercise of international discourse, which has made people in the world convinced. We maintains the strategic balance to be against the US strategic rebalancing in the community of destiny from dependent on the United States by one-side no longer with  a common destiny. Dealing with the neighboring relations by interest,favor and power would make the USA who intervenes the surrounding transaction of China feeling awkward and thankless. China is gradually growing up and become the backbone impacting the world in military diplomacy after keeping a low profile, training hard skills.

 You know that Chinese troops goes to peacekeeping and joint military exercises,its radar, air defense, anti-ship missiles, aircraft carriers glaringly hidden and unhidden display its military hidden strength. The soft and reasonable attitude at dealing with the neighboring friction indeed makes all countries in the world not to touch the bottom and full of curiosity and defense, which made the United States and its allies feel threatening and challenging in the real power meticulously maintained by them in the Asia-Pacific region, also made Russian who is high level, specificity, comprehensive strategic cooperation, and the main priority of each other partnerships had to accept the cooperation but full of precautions.

  You know that recently President Xi went affectionately around to Ping tan Fujian, his dealing with Zhanzhong in Hong Kong has made thieves abroad and the traitors self-exposure, and let the government of Hong Kong did truth without using a single solder, which has broken the superb tactics of the foreign forces intervention on the affairs of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. All of these have made all international people impressive.

  China is never like the United States who unilaterally intervenes the affairs of other countries, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, one after another debilitating and fatigue wars have made USA shooting itself again and again. However Little Jin who plays card irregularly already become fleas on the eyelids and mosquitoes buzzing barking inside of the ears of the American elephant

 Shinzo Abe who is a lingering little-three and is unwilling to cast away is very insensible to rely on the United States and put on airs to make the USA and China awkward to against each other.

 Although Putin from Russia has wun Obama a chip, his no bow posture to Africa and Europe on the problem of Ukraine would get the time to exchange for a favorable space and protection for China to stop the conspiracy of the Central Asia of “three forces”.

 Culture card: Affection and reasoning, President Xi plays very well ,wherever he goes ,vigorously he always talks about China’s dreams ,sets up many Confucius Institutes to keep all diverse cultural countries which can’t refuse the traditional Chinese culture about the propriety ,goodness, justice and benefit, which is called the difference cultural strategy.

 Its convenience and wisdom why President Xi didn’t take a big way

 To set up Lao Zi Academy to advocate Taoism, Catholicism and Christian is mainly in the west countries and Buddhism is mainly in the Southeast Asia. Everything is to the same root as well as the Five Religions which  was always and energetically disseminated by President Xi in UNESCO in Paris.

 However, under the rampant international environment of the religious extremism in the world, President Xi knows how to follow the human truth and the law of development. Kindheartedness appears after the waste of morality the same as etiquette after the waste of morality and legal system after etiquette, so internationally he promotes Chinese core values of courtesy, inside he propels to manage the state affairs with laws and morals.

 Economic card: Wherever does President Xi who can regulate the relationship with interest and calculate the greatest common divisor of every country in the world goes, he takes out the cheese to make them competitively worship. All countries would competitively offer the highest ceremonial reception; even the details would be cared. Why? Wherever do President Xi and Premier Li go, there is a strong economic team, who always could get generous signings with the top classes in the world; all the countries are drooling with envy.

Then, every one can make clear from the war of the current global oil price the USA tries to contain and suppress Russia to give up Ukraine, oppositely the Russian people are not afraid of the threat, instead they increase the military facilities in the Crimea, hold the largest exercise in Far East, continuously send a large number of fighters to seek the European rout and force the Europe to ask help from the allies the United States. No country can be hard to resist such an economic temptation, more and more countries have accepted RMB for their direct trading which has weakened the dollar hegemony in the world.

    While the United States is making the price of oil a cabbage price, China is taking the opportunity to shopping, not only building the oil pipeline in Central Asia, but making good friends with the oil tycoons in the Middle East. Russia must closely rely on China to face the powerful enemies. China has expanded the confluence of interests of all parties in the world, in order to form a destiny community as the main economic interests, also has won the support of the international community. Central Asia, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Mediterranean kept oil everywhere for China and reduced the energy costs while the economic downturn in China. Just for China's domestic anti-corruption, the state-owned oil companies did not dare to play with fire. President Xi plays the oil card without external and internal problems.

Then it’s President Xi who is the ace of accounts and playing cards!

   However, the oil dispute, a long time. Its strategic role is more important than gold reserves. It involves political, economic and military struggle, its dispute ace will not happen overnight, not in one country or region .So we have to be prepared for a protracted war.

     Neither permanent enemies, nor permanent friends. Dharma looks at the world, the gambling party would change, the tricks will accrue in change, please quietly pay our attention to three persons.


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