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Prime Minister Lee piloted every place by going around Guangzhou

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2015-01-08   Author:Naruis Eileen   Browse Times:2308
Naruis Eileen 【An expert lecturer from “The Great Turning Point” Wisdom Lecture Platform】

Prime Minister Lee piloted every place by going around Guangzhou

At the beginning of the New Year, Premier Li Keqiang visited Guangzhou, in front of Deng Xiaoping’s bronze statue, he reiterated that the development was the last word and expressed his strong determination of daring to crack hard nuts, to wade the deep water and to pass the rapids of reform. He hoped that the FTA in Guangzhou would created Shenzhen’s speed ,he also witnessed the first private bank on the internet, visited 4G online technology of Huawei for the purpose to make the traditional format deep reform with network thought, and also visited the Vietnamese heat-engine plant designed by Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute as well as encouraging Chinese equipment and enterprises to massively go out......

Therefore, the major media have interpreted what kind of information Prime Minister Lee’ would release on this trip to Guangdong.

You know: wherever he stopped over, whatever he said is a powerful interpretation about Xi’s new normal style and the Central Economic Work Conference.

Now, it’s just time for every places of our country to plan and hold the Two Sessions. Prime Minister Lee's trip to Guangdong isn’t only a simple trip but also a strong blow of a fresh wind of economic new normality and the pilot all over the country.

So, whether has every one ever gotten a new development revelation from  Prime Minister's trip to Guangdong and made the appropriate adjustments? I ever accessed to some business of advanced areas, and very pleased to find that a listed company has re-adjusted the business development strategy according to nine pieces of new trend of economic new normalcy.

However, I have read some the government work reports and found that the thinking method of an acre of three field is still very quite serious, the words on the reports was for stressing how to attracting the investment, how to expand investment in fixed assets and how to be on the some reports there wasn’t any words for how to lead the businesses out of the plight of overcapacity, in other reports the understanding of innovation still was confined to the technology, and can’t be changed into the consensus at every level.......Many places still run on the old normal trajectory with their own thought.

I ever told every one what the adaptation of the new normalcy is, you can go out of the old one in order to adapt to the new one in the lecture of The Turning Point of "The sharing meeting about The Central Economic Policy In 2015" and in Ellen’s Commentary “Advise you to keep your enterprise healthy by taking a photo of No.49 CT.” If you couldn’t throw the old one away, how can you get new one and get the opportunities?

Self saving and saving others, all levels of our governments must be the first to recognize adapt to and lead the new normalcy then to make the departments at all levels and local businesses to keep up with the new normal of logical thinking.

We’ve observed that Prime Minister Lee has successfully taken the excess equipment-capacity of China abroad and also opened a green channel for the Chinese companies in trouble of overcapacity and as well as offered the opportunities of low-cost development to the countries and the regions along.

Such effective allocation methods of win-win and mutually beneficial international resources have been repeatedly demonstrated by President Xi and Prime Minister Lee who has clearly pointed the direction at the Eighteenth Third Plenary Session and the Central Economic Work Conference to encourage high levels to be imported and go out on a large scale and offered the demonstration platforms and green policy channels of a variety of international investment cooperation.

Moreover, for reversing the bad development trends of the extensive operations of the land finance and debt management,the Central Government has shut the local financing platform in a rational cage by the method of screening the collection of the governments around the world who has no courage and strength, at the same time cleaned up all kind of the financial and tax concessions in the field of competition.

The aims of all these persuasion ways are used for handing the dominant right of allocated resources to the market and leading the enterprises out of the vicious cycle of local achievements to develop in the domestic and international large markets.

The heading has been already clearly, you only get out from the old normalcy of an acre of three fields, in order to board onto a new economic normality. Wish you are able to timely ship and sail.


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