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Premier Li Suggests Us be Brave for “Go Out”

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2015-03-16   Source:   Author:Naruis Eileen   Browse Times:1073
Naruis Eileen 【An expert lecturer from “The Great Turning Point” Wisdom Lecture Platform】

Premier Li Suggests Us be Brave for “Go Out”

On the press conference of annual sessions of NPC and CPPCC, facing eight or nigh hundred journalists, Premier Li delivered witty remarks and appeared a dignified and lively image of the great country.

UK Financial Times reporter raised the fist question which is quite appreciated. He said that many Chinese people going overseas to buy houses are worried and questioned. Premier Li said we should not be overcautious about this.

He said this is the achievement from China’s reform and open-up. Since the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, open-up of capital market in China is accelerated. As introduced by Premier Li, 2015 is the year with the largest foreign investment introduction, achieving USD120 billion. Meanwhile, through important measures such as reforming overseas investment mechanism, pushing forward exchangeable RMB capital programs, promoting One Belt and One Road, forging high-level overseas freeze trade zone and economic community, Chinese government encourage and guide more enterprises to “go out” on a large scale.

Statistics shows that in 2014 China’s foreign investment is about USD140 billion, exceeding the foreign capital introduction volume and ranking at the third for two consecutive years in the world. Stock of direct foreign investment is over USD660 billion, ranking at the eleventh in the world. This means that China is moving from a large economic and business country towards a strong economic and business country.

Man struggle upwards and likewise capital flows towards the area where there is more profit. With over 30 years of high economic development, China’s economy has been changed from extensive growth to intensive growth and from high speed to medium speed development. The main reliance on introduction of foreign capitals is changed to high level introduction and encouragement of large scale “go out”. Real estate market, general commodities market and capital market are all under re-structuring. The worldwide flow of Chinese private capitals is encouraged by the policy, without barrier. Why should people worry about it!

I write in Eileen’s Commentation titled My View on President Xi’s Five Elements Governance Methodology that western monopoly economy looks strong but actually not; their reliance on deficit finance, high debt, high welfare and inflexible finance system based economy is hard to continue; however as long as the people oriented economy in China is given with free air to go out, they will have the capital grow and service to the invested country, and return to China as well. “Why? Chinese people have the nature of returning to their origin. Therefore, we don’t need to worry about having them to go out.

I also write in Eileen’s Commentation titled Premier Li’s Visit to Guangdong Provides Guidance for Various Region that Premier Li, during his visit to Guangdong on 2015 New Year’s Day, delivered an important signal – “President Xi and Premier Li repeatedly made demonstration to release the dominance right in resources configurations to the market, guide enterprises to step out of the strange circle of pursuing local political achievement, and develop towards the large domestic and overseas market.

For the past over 30 years, we are accustomed to “bringing in”, rather than “go out”. Western countries are also accustomed to this pattern. After the barriers for free investment of private capitals are removed, and when enthusiasm for mass business startup and innovation are aroused, over ten thousand enterprises are newly registered everyday in China, as said by Premier Li. The fresh strength is the main power for China’s reform, open-up, innovation and creation.

People’s strength is great. As long as they are offered with free air, right away they will grow freely and healthily.


Therefore, with Premier Li’s encouragement, how could we be overcautious! Opportunity always goes in a flash. Don’t miss it!

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