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Trigger From Afar to Solve the Whole Disrupts – Strategic Proposal for Solving the South China Sea Disputes

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2015-03-24   Author:Naruis Eileen   Browse Times:869
Naruis Eileen 【An expert lecturer from “The Great Turning Point” Wisdom Lecture Platform】

Trigger From Afar to Solve the Whole Disrupts – Strategic Proposal for Solving the South China Sea Disputes

If you want to know how many chicken legs there are in KFC, just count how many showy hands the United States takes in around the world. The KFC chicken legs are fried for service, but the US hands are for bluff.

We can see that the US hand of economic sanction taken in Russia failed, but the military confrontation intensified. Hundreds of soldiers and Hummers and thousands of tanks constitute the long military drill through Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and CzechRepublic. Though America trained Poland on how to use Patriot missile for air protection, how can they defend the military fleet, western force, airborne force and ballistic missiles along the Baltic sea with more than seventy thousands of strong Russian soldiers.

Ukraine is still not controlled by America and its allied NATO after so long time with various measures; plus the long confrontation from North Pole to Pacific Ocean, who could afford to it? May be only Russia which is well prepared for “full military confrontation” can afford to it. Extremely, it is possible that Putin straightway recover the lost land of former Soviet Union. This would be a disaster, and they have to pay a double penalty.

Further, let’s take a look at the US hand stretched to Middle East - not only the effect was not achieved by petroleum sanction, but also the control over there was lost. This year is the 12th anniversary for the starting of Iraq war. No countries, such as Iraq, Syria, Libya and Egypt, allow America to end its trick successfully. America raised the stone but hurt its own feet. With increasingly intensified anti-terrorist, instead its own brow and ass are burnt. The nowadays US is like a pig looking into the mirror – no good image at both sides. It is not only strongly opposed by the American people by demonstration against its policy at Middle East, but also rejected for collaboration by Grand Ayatollah to Obama’s hint. No country would like to collaborate with it! Go to the hell!

Let’s take a look at the US hand in Afghanistan. I wrote in Why US Army Stayed at Afghanistan that “China seems not take care of one year or two years the US army stays at Afghanistan. Because you cannot provoke your far superior in power, but let it scatter the forces and effort all around, which is another kind of strategy for security.

Therefore, I’d like to take an example “if we hold a joint military drill with any small European country, America will be much jealous; or if we have a military drill with American army at any European country or region (for example the US army at Gran Canaria in Spain), NATO will be thrown into confusion.

Of course, I just take the example unintentionally and nobody takes care of it. However, we noticed that US repeatedly stretched its showy hand to South China sea. When the US allies of four European countries joined in the China predominated AIIB, US is far from holding its feet. It makes use of the disputes of China with neighboring countries over the island sovereignty and ocean interest of South China sea and started making the mischief openly.

On March 17, 2015, United Sates Navy Seventh Fleet Commanding Officer Robert Thomas incited the alliance of southeastern countries at South China sea against China. Japan and Philippines immediately winked the sign of agreement, which was hit back strongly by China. US and Japan, standing outside AIIB, forgot the embarrassment of “Sushi Diplomacy” last year, just jealously criticized the other countries, and ambiguously engaged an Abe and Obama meeting at the White House in April, to mitigate the embarrassment of despising AIIB when they cannot get it.

What US and Japan want for the meeting? The aim is no more than the joint defense. Establishing joint fleet is the trick that US always plays. It applied the same at NATO, EU, Japan and Korea. The trick is no more than that you give the money, US makes the hollow announcement; US doesn’t take care whether it helps or not, but applauses at the trouble they would arouse.

Actually, even a wise man may make one slip. The longer the US hands stretch to, the more trouble there would be, as there is much issue than it could afford to handle. On the other hand, the US power is on the decline, like a died camel at the most compared with the superpower before and could not afford to the long confrontation.

Nothing is too deceitful in war. If we play a game of pretending to do one thing while secretly do another, with trigger from afar, the US hand in South China sea would be ended with disaster.

Where is the trigger located at? There must be a invisible place for it in the vast world. The country is China-friendly, directed to the backdoor of US and NATO and with strategically important place. If President Xi dispatched two warships to the place for a military drill, the trouble-making country will be dealt with as it has done to the others.

In that case, US would escape from South China sea immediately, but with long distance and lack of financial and NATO support, Russia can follow up the victory with hot hit.

Wow, trigger from afar can solve the whole dispute over South China Sea. The inherent secrecy is hidden in the map. Opportunity is like a flash. Don’t miss it!

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