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Don’t let Made-in-China be manufacture that foreigners do in China

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In fact, transnational corporations are integrating industry in the process of globalization,include business and industry in country.

 In fact, transnational corporations are integrating industry in the process of globalization,include business and industry in country.“If no matter which country's enterprises Made-in-China is,Domestic enterprises or Foreign enterprises,they are all manufacturing in China,turnning China into a big manufacturing country will be a easy thing.As long as we lower trade barriers to entry further,open to the world further and attract investment further without selection,it will be realized in 3 to 5 years.”,Professionals said.But the point is,“We need to foster parts of leader enterprises whose industry’s positioning is occupying high-end,integration of its own and comprehensive core technology,and turn them into national brand.Or Made-in-China may be differed, being manufacture that foreigners do in China.”

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