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Eighty percent of goods are "made in China"

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Eighty percent of goods are "made in China"

In zhari is Iran gilan a tourist city, is also home to Iran's northern fleet, 300 km away from Tehran. Compared with Tehran, according to the firm in the city was quiet and relaxed. Spacious streets, the bustling crowd, less common crowded Tehran, more rare quiet in Tehran. Rippling the Caspian sea in the northeast of the city, on the beach far, the breeze blow gently, is invigorating. Recently, the reporter went to press zhari, to visit the commercial center in the interview.

According to the firm in the business center is located in the downtown, covers an area of about 40000 square meters, a total of more than 100 merchants in this business, and more than 10% Chinese merchants. Mall’s main Chinese goods, a man named Mr. Li of the Iranian businessman told reporters that trade center for about eighty percent of all goods from China. From household appliances to footwear and clothes, bedding to electronics from kitchen utensils and appliances, full of beautiful things in eyes of "made in China" here, contact customer. Here, Mr. Li said that selling Chinese goods cheaper than dubai market, many consumers feel that Chinese goods cost performance is very good, more in line with the Iranians spending habits.

Engaged in the management of working here for nearly a decade of sandia buck told reporters: "Chinese products here are all from China yiwu, after arrived in southern Iran's mahmoud abbas port, by land in northern Iran. Many businesses take root here with China yiwu, KeQiao region has a direct business relationship. Chinese politeness in business here, get on well with Iran customers, many repeat customers.” Buck sandia also said that at present in yiwu have the Iranian businessman "economic community", they specialize in Chinese products all year round, and can speak a few words of Chinese.

In zhari is very rich in tourism resources, is an ideal place for people of Iran and the European holiday leisure, but the tourism industry is still underdeveloped. Buck said sandia, locals special Chinese tourism businesses are welcome to join this business holiday leisure industry.


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