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Through the

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Through the "made in China 2025" behind the plastic industry

The development of the manufacturing industry for the national economic contribution rate is extremely high, to a certain extent, decides the development level of national economy, is the founding of this, and rejuvenating the country, the power base.As an important field of manufacturing industry, plastic industry is widely applied in the production and living.

The application of plastic products has been gradually deep person to every corner of society, from industrial production to food and clothing live line, "plastic steel", "plastic and wood," plastic products everywhere.According to relevant statistics show that in 2012 China's plastic products processing enterprises above designated size reached 1.34, production value of 1.67 trillion yuan.

What's the main problem in China plastics industry?

Although China plastics industry in recent years, the growth rate of remained at about 10%, but we also see in product quality, clean production and development of environmental protection in line with international standards also many aspects, such as there is a big distance, particularly in factors of production cost, increasing production equipment ageing, the production technology level is low, other industry area layout structure, unreasonable organization structure, product structure, the problem also highlights, the partial products and periodic structural overcapacity and other problems.

Plastic industry supply ability are still not well adapt to and meet the change of market demand, the resources, environment, energy constraints become increasingly strengthen, a variety of factors contribute to the development of plastic industry and needs to be implemented from quantitative change to qualitative change shift, so the transformation and upgrading of plastic industry has become a necessity.
"Made in
China 2025" guide plastic industry change

In recent years, the "4.0" industrial enterprises unprecedented attention, become exciting hot words."Made in China 2025" can be said to be the Chinese version of the "4.0" industrial planning, in this year's May 8, published by the state council, the official meet with the world.Plan put forward China's manufacturing power construction three decade "three steps" strategy, "made in China 2025" is the first decade of the programme of action.

At present, our country economy downward pressure increase gradually, the slow pace of development, upgrading of industrial structure adjustment will become the mainstream of economic development, so, how we should speed up the transition from manufacturing power to manufacturing powerhouse?And plastic industry go from here?



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