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In "made in China 2025" planning and development of robot industry become a very important one annulus

Compared with international advanced robotics, at present our country is still in the growth period, industrial robots technology level still exists a certain gap. Upstream of the industrial robot is the core components, equivalent to the robot's "brain", and in the field, the high precision servo motor, precision gear reducer, and other core technology, high performance controller domestic still rely on imports. Middle reaches is the main industry robots, also is the "body" of the robot, downstream of the industrial robot is a system integrator, currently 95% of the domestic enterprises focus on the link. And from the market share, although robot now has more than 500 large and small enterprises in our country, but the robot products in the domestic market only 20% of the market share. This suggests that the development of domestic enterprises to seize the robot industry the market opportunity, still need to strengthen the technology research and development of key parts, pay attention to and the depth of the integration of information technology, artificial intelligence, the industry development, a hierarchical preempt the opportunity of the development of robot industry around the world.

In "made in China 2025" planning and development of robot industry become very important, especially how to turn the industrial robot and the popular "Internet +", and the combination of intelligent manufacturing, layout robot industry is 2.0 times as soon as possible, is a new generation of Chinese industrial designers "China dream”. Now, it doesn't matter where a product manufacturing, our robot related enterprises need to maintain cooperation with the world's top research institutions, with international technology development pace, one thousand party hundreds managed to get into the hierarchical industrial robots, to think in the Internet in the high-end market, not just stay on the production and processing link, strive to in the shortest possible time, let the industrial robot industry development in our country, as China's manufacturing upgrade new gripper.



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