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Informatization level is low, restricted upgrade made in China

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Informatization level is low, restricted upgrade made in China

On August 18 - on September 4, "world managers" launched "2015 China's manufacturing industry informationization management present situation investigation".With 260 manufacturing executives took part in the survey, sixty percent of respondents, IT is the enterprise general manager and business unit managers.Survey, nearly ninety percent of China's manufacturing industry informatization level in the early, intermediate level, 43% of the enterprise information covering the narrow business department, the IT system or in a split, or do not have a high level of integration.

This result also with "made in China 2025", published in May this year strategic plan mentioned in the present situation of manufacturing in China: informatization level is not high, and industrialization fusion depth is not enough. Two combination is "made in China 2015" clearly one of the strategic objectives. And about two combination of quantitative indicators have also been released - by 2020, the research and development of digital design tools rate from the current 58% to 72%, key process numerical control rate increased from 33% to 33%.

Visible, made in China, when you go to smart, information as a key infrastructure in dire need of deployment and application.

To strengthen the production process information

All functions and business departments of the "enterprises informatization implementation" of the survey, we found that the financial system is used for the highest percentage of system (82%), followed by the human resources (55%).And in the second echelon respectively is in the field of research and development design software (CAD/CAPP, etc.), proportion is 49%, and the production manufacturing (MES), compared with 48%.

This research result, also with the "made in China 2025" in the current research and development of "digital design tools penetration" data is consistent. In addition, for MES (manufacturing execution system) is applied to the implementation of enterprise production workshop system such as, in "the next three years the application of" accounts for nearly thirty percent. It can be seen that most of the enterprises for the production control system application is very important, and has been implemented or ready to implement, which is made in China to realize numerical control basic work in the future.

IDC manufacturing senior research manager wang thought, in fact, many small and medium enterprises in the aspects of MES application proportion is still relatively low, far lower than the average. MES was used to optimize production line equipment, improve equipment efficiency, help enterprise to do real-time decision-making, promote workshop refinement ability, productivity, etc., this is made in China to the "wisdom" in China, has a realistic and long-term significance.

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