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Let the world To recognize

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Let the world To recognize "made in China"

As chairman xi jinping's visit to the United States of the road of open, China's high-speed export market prospect light. Chinese consortium, led by China railway corporation construction joint venture with the western United States express company will express high-speed rail in the western United States, this is also China's first high-speed railway project construction in the United States.

According to Chinese official confirmed that the overseas for high-speed rail projects including new high-speed, high-speed, high-speed rail projects in Thailand, California, USA (editor's note: foreign ministry confirmed that had sign the agreement), Mexico, high-speed rail, high-speed rail projects such as Turkey, so far only the Ann of Turkish high iron phase ii project bidding and completed. The harsh and, as we all know, the standards of Europe and the United States is famous for the export of Chinese can conform to the European and American standard train, means that, at least when it comes to manufacturing production train technology made in China is no longer ago, people in the eyes of "fake”. Made in China to open the new situation of the moving car exports Europe and the United States. After the train can not only of China's export economy less developed area, can export more economically developed regions.

Maturity of China's high-speed rail technology, enormous cost advantage to promote China's high-speed rail companies abroad, data show that in the first half of 2015 has been the domestic high-speed rail companies billions of overseas orders., chairman of the xi jinping visit to the United States, all sorts of big order between the two countries signed in speed, in the field of equipment manufacturing, high iron big orders may occur. This shows that the domestic high-speed rail technology and recognized by the high standards of construction standards, more conducive to China's high-speed rail sales of other countries around the world.

Express high-speed rail in the western United States is China's first systematic cooperation project in the United States, is one of the major infrastructure projects of china-us economic and trade cooperation, is also China's first built in the United States, the other talking about high-speed rail project has a big influence, has great significance for China's high-speed rail towards the world, this project is to make the world to recognize, defines the made in China, high iron grade makes us closer to the Chinese dream.

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