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Push the “Made in China” into “Wisdom in China”

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Push the “Made in China” into “Wisdom in China”

On September 22, China manufacturing industry peak BBS and "Chinese brands in action" press conference was held in zhuhai, at the same time, gree electric appliances in its 2016 cold New Year released the latest product launch meeting, released the new slogan, gree, let the world fell in love with made in China.

The, xinhua finance country weekly joint huawei, alibaba, xugong group, gree electric appliances, huazhong CNC, weichai power, Letv, vantage, kingdee, shandong meier oral, sunbird yacht, guoguang electric appliance, nine animal husbandry hutch defends released more than 20 domestic well-known enterprises such as initiative, put forward the "six praised the" initiative, "praised the independent innovation, against plagiarism is copying; energy conservation and environmental protection, against extravagance; excellent quality, the corners; praise the good faith management, the're incapable; praise enterprise responsibility, against selfishness; praise work development, the talk is harmful", along with many manufacturing companies jointly called for the establishment of a new manufacturing model.

At present, along with our country economy enters the new normal, manufacturing enterprise management environment and in the event of a major change. In which to develop manufacturing energy resources, ecological environment, factor costs, such as the original comparative advantage is gradually weakened. Challenges and pressure, the construction of manufacturing nation to become our country to find the momentum of economic growth and the inevitable choice of new international competitive advantage.

The xinhua news agency problem in the world, said xiao xialin, director of the centre for the study of our country is still in the process of industrialization, and larger gap compared with advanced countries. Pushing forward the construction of the "manufacturing power" must address the manufacturing big but not strong, independent innovation ability is weak, the key core technology and high-end equipment, external dependency with enterprise as the main body of the manufacturing industry innovation system is imperfect and so on. He called on China's manufacturing enterprises, will be "made in China" to the "wisdom" in China, to show the world China's brand strength and confidence.

After the end of the peak BBS, gree held a product launch in 2016, four new jing, including the thickness of only 11.2 cm, the panel can be drawn character customization of gree air conditioning of the time; Adopted the international leading central air conditioning technology of maglev centrifugal units; Can keep the food freezing frost not color crystal wong instantaneous freezing refrigerator, and without the mesh TOSOT zero consumables replacement air purifier. At the same time put forward the "gree, let the world love made in China" new slogan.


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