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Evolution or changes the car industry under the “Made in China 2025”

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Evolution or changes the car industry under the “Made in China 2025”

No auto industry to participate in the "made in China 2025" will be have a drawback, that is the central government's attitude, as well as the consensus of the automobile industry.

"Made in China 2025 project engineering is responsible for the drafting of the earliest, because less shaken the academician, the sound is relatively weak, many other industries drafters reckon car don't have to write, write in and they don't work well. The final report of the state council, it says you must write in, auto industry that is the main content of solution."China auto industry association executive vice President and secretary general Dong Yang held on May 23, car industry forefront peak BBS to share the story of the slightly more let a person feel sad car.

Manufacturing powerhouses Germany took the lead in the world industrial shortly after 4.0 concepts is put forward, the Chinese government by prime minister li keqiang endorsement on May 8, the Chinese version of industrial 4.0-2025 "" made in China, planning is put forward using three ten years" three steps "strategy to build up the Chinese manufacturing power, the auto industry as an important part of manufacturing also impressively in the column.

Macro economy slowing, auto market growth callback, the independent brand enterprise of loss of market share; in this case, China's auto industry exactly where to go, torture, the inner heart of every car.Dong Yang believes that countries such as China and South Korea car market, the path of different, or 30 points, China's auto market is from average annual growth momentum directly leap transition to an average of 7% growth, this is China's auto market development speed of the new normal.Dong Yang is expected at the same time, the future market are unlikely to slow further industrial growth is higher than that of GDP, the industry growth is higher than industrial development trend will continue, the urbanization process for auto industry provides a great opportunity for subsequent growth.

Famous economist, Mr Li agreed that macro economic slowdown is mainly driven by cyclical factors lead to, the property market cooling, the decline in global trade, timid and so on reasons of local government is the cause of the recent trend downward in the Chinese economy, but as a result of China's economy has not changed, the main motors of the economic outlook improves just time relationship.

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