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Made in China---The construction of manufacturing power is arduous and urgent

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2015-10-03   Source:土佬哥国际商贸网   Browse Times:652
After decades of rapid development, China's manufacturing industry scale ranked first, established a comprehensive, independent complete manufacturing system, become the important foundation and support China's economic and social development important fo

  After decades of rapid development, China's manufacturing industry scale ranked first, established a comprehensive, independent complete manufacturing system, become the important foundation and support China's economic and social development important force to promote the development of world economy. Continuous technological innovation, greatly improving the comprehensive competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry. Manned space and manned deep-sea, large aircraft, beidou satellite navigation, supercomputers, high-speed rail equipment, million kilowatt power generation equipment, thousands of meters deep sea oil drilling equipment and so on one batch of significant breakthroughs in technology and equipment, has formed a number of internationally competitive advantage industries and backbone enterprises, the country has the construction of infrastructure and conditions of the industrial powers.

But our country is still in the process of industrialization, and larger gap compared with advanced countries. Manufacturing big but not strong, independent innovation ability is weak, the key core technology and high-end equipment, external dependency to enterprises as the main body of the manufacturing industry innovation system is not perfect; The product is not high, lack of world famous brand; Resources, energy efficiency is low, environmental pollution is serious; Industrial structure is unreasonable, high-end equipment manufacturing industry and producer services development lags behind; Information level remains to be further integration.

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