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Premier Li Keqiang: Don’t be Careless with the Work

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2016-08-22   Author: Author:Elites   Browse Times:1989
The Great Turning Point” Wisdom Lecture Platform

Premier Li Keqiang: Don’t be Careless with the Work

While the Chinese people both at home and abroad still immersed in the lingering atmosphere of happy families gathering in celebration of Chinese new year (year of monkey, international economy and stock markets around the world encountered sharp declines. On February 16, 2016, while the hot argument over market unrest is going on, on the executive meeting of the State Council, Chinese Premier delivered positive remarks: upon identified tendency that economy will be below reasonable growth range, counter measure will be taken immediately. On this executive meeting, Premier Li not only gave assurance to various parties, but also put forward work requirements for various government departments – we must not careless with work in the future!

We noticed that Premier Li used the world “careless” instead of “inefficient”. There is conceptual difference between these two worlds. “Careless” means lack of attention and inefficient; “inefficient” means lack of efficiency. It can be said that the former contains the latter. On the beginning of the new year, how to implement “must not careless” as required by Premier Li?

First, fundamental building of faith should be strengthened. For the “careless” issue existing in various divisions, Premier Li said that it is important that everyone should have high sense of responsibility towards the nation and, as well, show self-respect to your work. Then where do the sense of responsibility and self-respect come from – they come from “faith”. In the session Talk on the Three Strengths in Enterprise Management of the serious forum The Turning Point, Eileen said that faith building is fundamental in enterprise management; faith can transcend everything; it is the driving power for state governance, business operation and individual development. Actually, for either division or individual, if the foundation of faith is firm enough, people will surely have strong sense of responsibility and confidence towards any work and would do their best to overcome difficulties, rather than with “careless” or “inefficient” attitude.

How to strengthen the fundamental building of “faith”? Let’s take President Xi’s call of “Three Strictness and Honesties” as example. For either division or individual, if “Three Strictness and Honesties” can be accepted from the inner heart as faith, the faith foundation will necessarily be firm. On the other hand, in improving the quality of CPC members, governmental officials and even the general mass, CPC and the state continuously have new calls and contents which are completely for the sake of faith building. Even one of the calls or contents can be kept, the level of faith is surely to improve.

Second, executive level should be improved. There is an old saying – faith should be kept for words; implementation is required for faith; completion is required for implementation. On the basis of firm faith, strong executive strength represents the team or individual’s capacity. Eileen said that execution is affected by three elements, including attitude, effort and level. Attitude is the predominant element; effort decides the depth and level decides the achievement. The “careless” issue existing in work is generated from the deviation in these elements.

One commentation On Six Angry Occasions of Premier Li talked about that Premier Li criticized that some governmental divisions of three provinces in the northeast of China tend to “wait, relay on the other or superior department” during work; take negative act or do no practical work during implementation; the granted lands are still in idle; the allocated funds are still on account….For these issues, Premier Li requires that “typical cases should be grasped and accountability should be investigated resolutely to implement strict management”. The “careless” issue as mentioned above results from the deviation in execution level. Then, how to improve the execution level? Eileen talked about the “three enjoyments” methodology – enjoy learning, which is the drive for action; enjoy righteous method, actively gathering positive energy; enjoy implementation, doing your best and following the God’s will. In all, improvement of execution level for either team or individual should from the inner heart and be on the basis of faith with perseverance spirit.

Third, cooperation level should be improved. During the executive meeting on February, 2016, Premier Li earnestly said that the cooperation between various departments should be strengthened. This is the requirement for improving cooperation between teams and individuals. Cooperation is configuration of various resources. Successful cooperation can maximize the strength and advantage of various resources, which is also the common target of various parties. However, the “careless” issue in work reflects the status of insufficient cooperation.

For example, with respect to streamlining administration and power decentralization, media reported the “deviation” issue, such as strange certificate made by authoritative department and “red top mediation”. The deviated local “cooperation” behavior produced relatively large resistance to the development of social economy. In the nationwide supervision and inspection last year, 127 professional qualification permits and 89 intermediary administrative approval services are found and cancelled; 94 administrative approval items are decentralized; at least more than 500 powered related issue are handled last year….These actions are a rectification of the “careless” work attitude and provides positive guidance for the cooperation between different departments. The improvement of cooperation requires removal of selfish departmentalism, active achievement of mutual learning between team and individual, adopting people’s good points and transcending selfishness so as to form the joint effort and improve cooperative level. Good configuration of belief, execution and cooperation can form great positive power which is able to change and create everything.

    There is old classical script saying that, for the Chinese character “人 (person)” , the left part represents integrity and the right part represents righteousness – if integrity and righteousness can always be followed, he or she can be called a “person”. Both team and individual shall experience a process of rectifying itself and finally becoming a real “person”. During this process, it is no wonder to have the “careless” issue; as long as people can confess and rectify themselves in a timely manner, the “integrity” and “righteousness” are actually followed. From above analysis, we can see that, to solve the “careless” issue, we should do fundamental adjustment from the heart, increasingly introduce positive energy, and improve belief level, sense of responsibility, self-respect and confidence to increase executive and cooperative level and finally improve the individual, team and even th
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