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What does Kim Jong-un’s aunt’s“resurrection”mean?

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2016-04-06   Author:Author:Naruis Eileen   Browse Times:1550
Naruis Eileen 【An expert lecturer from “The Great Turning Point” Wisdom Lecture Platform】

What does Kim Jong-un’s aunt’s“resurrection”mean?

On December 18, the Second World Internet Conference was successfully over in Wuzhen Zhenjiang. President Xi put forward the "four principles" and "five-point proposal” of “to build the community of destiny of the cyberspace”, which won the warm responses of international community and universal praise.

On the same day, the Russian Defense Ministry held a press conference with high-profile to introduce the black box data of the Soviet downed fighters to prove that Su-24 fighter never violated Turkish airspace. Then the parlance of Turkey and its allies that Russian fighters invaded illegally its airspace was ill-founded

At the same time, South Korean intelligence made a prank to let Kim Jong-ji KIm Jong-un’s aunt strangely “revived”.

These three pieces of news are seemingly unrelated but closely linked, and then what does it mean?

First, The instructions of the necessity to build a common destiny in cyberspace. You know: why did Putin wanted to make such a determination to public the truth of the issue of Soviet fighters shot down ?Because we are often confused by the illusion so that we’ve lost our right judgment and stood the wrong queue just like Turkey and South Korea. Russian really got a lot of subversive first-hand information by raiding Syria IS base to reveal the truth about the anti-terrorism but fear help. In the state of embarrassment, the United States sacrificed minor things to save major ones and made Turkey injustice to both Russia and Iraq, finally it would come to a fear of helplessness, suicidal situation. And South Korea after USA didn’t dare play big, only made issue of the death & life of Kim Jong-un’sister and aunt and left laughing stock. These two information shows the United States is not only a fan of eavesdropping other countries but also a creator of false information. Those counties behind USA don’t only be tapped, but also lack of real intelligence. Turkey was played by USA without any help of it. Visible, the network rules dominated by one party and several parties together already can work no longer. We must build a common destiny, in order to safeguard our common home network.

Second, it said:" Programmed of China" has become guidelines. Although the Internet is not started in China, but in China it has been highly valued and positive use. Xi Jinping personally serves as a group leader of the network security, builds top-level design, while vigorously implements the strategy of a powerful country and the National data,"Internet +" Action Plan to promote the integration of the Internet and the enormous social and economic life of the people,and push China forward from a large country to a strong one of power network. Based on the successful practice of China, in Wuzhen, Xi Jinping proposed the four principles to respect the sovereignty of the network, to maintain peace and security, to promote open & cooperation and build a good order of global Internet governance system, and five proposals of setting up a common destiny in cyberspace, which has been highly praised and recognized by the international community, forming a "Wuzhen Initiative" which will become the guide to promote the building of a common destiny in cyberspace. While President Xi published proposition, Putin sampled in front, Kim Jong-un let the false information exposure, it would be by chance, oh right place!

Third, indicating that interoperability, shared rule by a long way. Would we get the truth from the battlefield like Russian? Does the military demarcation line make Kim Ji life or dead? How many people do still live in lies and fear in the network? The same community of network destiny will be build up by all, any country and region can not be out of it, or be spared, or power or dominate. So in closing of the Second World Assembly on the occasion of the network, there still is a information war between Russia and Turkey, and the two Koreas ,it illustrates the construction of cyberspace interconnection, sharing a common destiny cohabitation has long way to go.

When the Internet holds by the fate of the community when the "Wuzhen Initiative” become into the common ideals, whether large country or small one , whether East or West, let us innovate, coordinate, green, open and share the world!


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